summer crafts with kids

life has been busy to say the least around here.

with m home from school for the summer it's been a bit of a balancing act for this momma to keep all my work going and have 2 kidlets at home with me. the weather has been gorgeous though so we've been having fun and days have been filled with laughs, crafts & good times.

but all that aside it's not always easy. i have some BIG & exciting news to share with you all.  not yet....but soon. i've been working really, really hard in the background on a secret. it's taken up a lot of heart & soul and a lot of time. i've also been trying to keep up with all of my other creative projects and of course - the blog.

summer crafts with kids

how does one do all of that without losing it? no sleep and a lot of hard work.

it's been fun though and on the up side the sally dress is also now out to testers as we speak!!! phew!  i can't wait to get it out to you all and see some awesome sally dresses online!!!! so excited! hopefully the pattern will be out at the end of the month! i'm crossing my fingers! i've got some great testers working on them right now! thank you again to all who applied. there were so many talented sewers i seriously did a first come/first serve based on size sort of thing. i honestly so appreciate all your enthusiasm! it was so sweet of all of you! thank you for your support!

what have the kiddos and i been up to? 

i'm a strong believer in creative and independent play in our house. we are in a condo so while we can't be outside all day everyday we can still be adventurous and have fun.  we've been loving the video series by my friend caroline of the fab blog "salsa pie" for pbs parents on crafting with kids! we recently made the diy water bottle boat and the kids played with it for at least an hour and a half and then took it in the bath with them that night!  we're going to work our way through the whole series.

summer crafts with kids

summer crafts with kids

another fun series we've been loving is "camp classic play" by the blog classic play. so many fun activities and crafts to do there as well! also be sure to check out the online mag "crafting connections". it's "a creative magazine (and more) for little ones & grown ups". i'm loving their new paper mache tea set!

in our house the glues sticks are flying, tape is being...well....taped...scissors are cutting, boxes are being recycled into fun projects and smiles are on our faces! 

i also recommend the books you can find in your local book stores on crafts that are sort of like phonics books. we have the kumon big book of crafts and really like it. i seriously almost peed my pants making the masks you see on the girls from that book. i laughed so hard. i mean that not funny?

it's always good fun to see your kids look like an animal...hahaha. a raccoon and a kittycat to be exact.

we also have some fashion design, origami, jewelry and more to work our way through this summer. as well as our local library reading club that the kids are enjoying and forts galore i think so far we're holding it together pretty well this summer considering this momma has a big deadline coming up :)

and before i go we have a winner for the c. johannesen jewelry giveaway! the winner is.........

 commenter #49 - kristin of sew technicolor

congratulations kristin! we'll be in touch with you soon!

so...what have you been up to this summer? do you have any fun craft/activities that you recommend for indoor playtime? i'd love to hear about them! wishing you all a crafty, creative and sunshine & laughter filled weekend!