Yarn Stash Ball Bands Free Printable on

my stash needs some tlc and reorganizing. you know how it goes right friends?

i recently got some new lovelies to add to my stash and when going to put them all away i realized i've let my yarn stash get slightly messy and a tad disorganized. i also realized i've been a bad, bad girl and while even though adding my stash to my ravelry stash page i have not been as diligent as i should be on keeping my ball bands with my wound skeins. oops!

now looking back there are a few i'm pondering what they actually are. so laying in bed last night staring at my stash as i was falling asleep (am i the only one who does this???) i thought why not come up with my own fun ball band that i can print out and wrap around my stash for those skeins and cakes that i have lost my ball bands for. i can then take all my deets from my ravelry stash page and write it on my ball band! yesiree! and then i thought i had to share it with all of you because i had so much gosh darn fun making it.

so print it out - cut it out and wrap those lovelies with it or curl it up and stick in in your cake. whatever floats your boat :)

i've given you 2 sizes - a regular ball band size and a larger one that may fit around a wound cake. they are lovingly called  "Oops....I lost my ball band".
click below to download your copy!

oh and one tip to are more than allowed to sing britney spears "oops, i did it again" while printing and cutting these out as they were my inspiration for the name :) and yes, that's how we roll around here.

how do you keep your stash organized? bins? totes? ravelry? let's chat stash love m'dears! who doesn't love hearing and seeing others people stash?!

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