this is fun. c'mon...admit it, you're all as nosy as i am and love to see what other knitters carry around in their knitting bags. 

i had way too much fun doing this and had to stop myself from taking copious amounts of pictures of inanimate objects that are part of my favorite thing about knitting - the notions and accessories! if we are on a yarn diet we can still buy tools..hehe..and bags...and stitch markers...and tape measures...and pretty little things...the list goes on!

wanna see more of what's in mine on a typical day?

on any given day the above are always with me in one of my knitting bags. i use the project bags you see below and the black and white zippered pouch comes with me EVERYWHERE. in fact, i need to make a bigger one. all the goodies in the first pic of this post fit in there...barely :) you can find more on my box bag here, my sock knitting project bag here (free tutorial) and my zippered pouch here.

i like to use my indie project bag or my jordana paige bag (if i have a lot bring) when i take my knitting out and i need more than what will fit in the bags below. my indie bag fits 2-3 projects, journals, my full set of needles and more so it's my go to car knitting/knit night etc bag for my on the go knitting.

so...c'mon now...i showed you mine so you show me yours...what's in your knitting bag? 

---> foldable scissors from knit picks
---> needle gauge from churchmouse yarns
---> retractable tape measure from knit picks and knitsocial 
---> stitch markers from sweet fiber yarns 
---> lace stitch markers, misc stitch markers from knit picks 
---> locking stitch markerssplit ring stitch markers from knit picks
---> bent tip tapestry needles 
---> cable knitting needle from knit picks
---> stitch markers from my lovely friend aja, amy and jana
---> miscellaneous journals
---> clover #336 knitting counter (kacha-kacha) (bought from urban yarns)
---> snap'n go notions case from exchanging fire

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