Knitting Buttonholes Roundup // Very Shannon

During the making of my Antrorse pattern I became obsessed with buttonholes.

I couldn't stop looking at them, analyzing them and studying them. I wanted to knit my dream buttonhole for my dream sweater. Then I came upon the One Row Buttonhole and my dreams came true. Clean. Easy. Reversible. Tidy. It made the perfectionist in me so very happy. Buttonholes never get enough of the limelight in knitting if you ask me.

So when discussing possible topics for the JOURNEY KAL Jane and I decided to do one on techniques for you guys today. She's covering the Turkish Cast On and I'm chatting all about knitting buttonholes! Wahoo! Fun right? Who doesn't love learning a new technique? I never get tired of it.

Knitting Buttonholes Roundup // Very Shannon
Knitting Buttonholes Roundup // Very Shannon

If you're knitting my Antrorse Sweater for the JOURNEY KAL you'll get to work the One Row Buttonhole first hand! It's been one of the most commented part of the sweater that I get from knitters. I'm so glad so many of you have found a new love for this buttonhole!

You ready to learn how to knit a One Row Buttonhole? Want to find out what other buttonholes there are? Here's some of my faves! 

- Tutorial from NeoKnits
- Video from New Stitch a Day
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- Buttonhole techniques on Vogue Knitting
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- Buttonhole techniques on TECHknitting (here, here, here, here , here, here)
- Buttons & Buttonholes on Knitpicks Blog
- Buttonhole tips from Tricksy Knitter
- Two row buttonhole on Crafty Stylish  
- Making perfect buttonholes Part 1 and Part 2
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- Knitting on the Net's buttonholes

- Button Bands & Buttonholes Class with Anne Hanson on Crafsty
- Knit the Perfect Buttonhole Class with Anna Zilboorg on Interweave

- Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters by Deborah Newton
- Knitting for Dummies free chapter on Knitting Buttonholes
- The Principles of Knitting by June Hemmons Hiat

Knitting Buttonholes Roundup // Very Shannon

Interested in learning more techniques from our knit alongs? Check out these fun posts for more tips and techniques! These are just a few we've covered during our knit alongs!

What project are you knitting for the JOURNEY KAL? What yarn are you using? Do you have a fave buttonhole? Let's chat! 

PS. Find all the info for our JOURNEY Knit Along here.