My favorite part of our knit alongs is the wonderful and amazing community of knitters who join in each year!

What makes knit alongs so fun? Community and frienships (both new & old). One thing I notice and treasure so much is the loving and kind group of knitters in our Ravelry group. You guys are always busily chatting away (I can hardly keep up..lol) and sharing, inspiring, helping, teaching and just enjoying knitting with each other virtually.

Ravelry is fun to use but can sometimes seem intimidating if you've never used it. Here's some tips below to get the most out of our knit along thread!

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It's time for my favorite part of every one of our knit alongs - STARRING YOU! I love getting to show off all your hard work and lovelies on the blog! Check out some of the gorgeous projects that were made during our Gilmore Girls Knit Along this year!

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The LORELAI Shawl pattern release and the reveal of our new mystery knit along is here! It's time for our newest knit along - GILMORE GIRLS KAL!!!!!

Me and the talented ladies behind Nice & Knit have been excitedly waiting for today! As soon as I set eyes on the gorgeous skeins of Nice & Knit DK they so kindly sent my way I knew they had to be a shawl. After spending way too much time binge watching Gilmore Girls I was feeling inspired by Lorelai and all her flair & fun personality and the LORELAI shawl was born!


Can't you just imagine Lorelai strolling past Luke's in her fave jeans & rock n'roll t-shirt, wearing this shawl? I can!

I wanted something filled with color and life. The combination of lace stitches and stockinette play up together to create a textural and graphic effect that suits any color palette that fits your personality! Pastels or brights - doesn't matter! It all works with Lorelai!

When I designed LORELAI I also knew I wanted to host a surprise Gilmore Girls Knit Along at the same time! So we're going to do something different for this KAL! You can choose to knit up LORELAI along with us or any other pattern you feel suits the Gilmore Girls "aesthetic". We just want you knitting!

We also want you to come on over to our lovely landing page where you can stay up to date with all the things Gilmore Girl Knit Along! This is also where you can easily sign up this year & get all the details for theKAL, and buy the LORELAI pattern + Nice & Knit Yarn Kits! You can find it at www.veryshannon.com/ggkal15

We have lots of fun stuff over there! So make sure to pop on over & to also use #ggkal15 & #lorelaishawl on social media for all your projects.

And if you do want to knit up a LORELAI (yay!) the awesome gals over at

Nice & Knit have put together the most amazing yarn kits!!!! Seriously! The color palettes are drool worthy!!! And even better with every purchase of the yarn kits you get a FREE NICE & KNITTER TOTE!!! Can we say "YES, PLEASE"! You can find them for sale HERE.

A big thank you to the talented Betsy of Betsy Jo Photography for her amazing skills and patience. She knit up the gorgeous sample shown above and did all the photography! Thank you for making my vision come to life Betsy! You're the best!

Will you be joining in? What colors would you use for LORELAI? Do you love Gilmore Girls too? Come join the fun!!!

All images © Betsy Jo Photography


Featherweight Cardigan knit by Mamatronic
It's time for our finale post for the Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 - the one STARRING YOU!

Can I just say WOW! You guys blew my mind this year! The amount of gorgeous and lovely projects finished this year were amazing! It took me forever to go through them all but boy was it fun! I love seeing all your handiwork. It's truly so fulfilling to see you all loving knitting and sharing it with each other.

There was lots of constructive chat about fit, techniques and more this year! I noticed a ton more colorwork than previous years thanks to some awesome patterns released like Diana Walla's stunning Sundottir! Sundottir was a hit of the KAL! I'm dying to make one too now! It was a thrill to have her join in on the SSKAL along with the fabulous sewing pattern designer Jen of Grainline as well as lots of other fabulous & talented ladies in our industry! Along with colorwork there was also lots of color this year! I love when that happens! Now don't get me wrong, I adore neutrals, but color is always fun! There was also stripes, cables, lace and more and I enjoyed seeing some men's patterns finished as well as little boy garments! That's right - you can even make baby and kids patterns in our SSKAL!

Coda knit by Knithehellout
As usual I have so enjoyed knitting and reading along in the threads. It's like getting to have hundreds of friends to talk with everyday for 2 months! And the best part is we all try to stay in touch until the next one! Don't forget about our "chit chat" thread where you guys can all still keep chatting and asking questions, and then you can continue to share your projects in the "WIP & FO's" thread. There's no reason to become strangers now that the SSKAL is over! Heck no, we want you to stay chatting, still making new friends, still enjoying our love of knitting! And if you missed some of the Summer Sweater Knit Along and want to catch up just pop on over to our SSKAL Homepage for all the info. You can find all of our knit alongs HERE and our Tips & Techniques page HERE.

Fort knit by Woolful (ashleyy)
I always get so emotional going through the threads when it's over and seeing all the special moments and the friendships made. It just makes me so happy. Words cannot express how much I love these knit alongs and what's even better is knowing you all love them too! So thank you for that. It means so much to me that you all join in each year and embrace our little loving community of knitters! We want you to truly enjoy garment knitting and jump in and have fun! I adore each and every one of you and so congratulations on a KAL well done!!!

Now here you all are.....in all of your awesomeness! Enjoy!
Benton knit by Grainline
Camilla knit by KaraStanley (Of Nice and Knit)
Stasis knit by DreaReneeKnits
Svalbard knit by Dianna Walla
Bluesand Cardigan knit by Maya-Elizabeth
Antrorse knit by Knitmish
Sundottir knit by KatColorado2
1. Hiro knit by nursenikkiknits 2. Sundottir knit by Dreareneeknits 3. Coolbreeze Cardigan knit by Culabrat 4. Sourpatch knit by Sarinka 5. Sargent knit by Self Preservation 6. Garter Yoke Cardigan knit by gardenknittr 7. Checks & Balances knit by madgiddy 8. Sundottir knit by Loelee 9. Stasis knit by ahickman
Briquette knit by jordynelizabeth
1. Airflow knit by Cassytom 2. Antrorse knit by Dreareneeknits 3. Aidez knit by jaykayknits 4. Grandpa Cardigan knit by Cassytom 5. Lush knit by Talvi 6. Schenley knit by LaVgirl 7. Transmute knit by cdavisshannon 8. Oh My Bear knit by CasaKelley 9. Boxy knit by fabiknits
Robin knit by Chberkom
1. Larch Cardigan knit by CasaKelley 2. Raindrops knit by sbnyc
1. 88-4 knit by KatColorado2 2. Wickerwork knit by Sanjou 3. Bray knit by Poptins 4. Sunny Summer Stripes knit by Crafty-Effie 5. Bloc Party knit by anowlis 6. Sperry knit by knorman 7. Argo knit by knorman 8. Breezy Cardigan knit by afurg 9.Antrorse knit by cbhaler
Abate knit by mootastic1
1. Foam by Sanjou 2. Oshima knit by heatherly 3. Idlewood knit by knorman 4. Wickerwork Pullover knit by knorman 5. Ease knit by Mamatronic 6. Twenty Ten Cardigan knit by expectingsam
1. Bronwen knit by Chrisso 2. Make a Wish knit by jska510 3. Palladio knit by TrishKnits
1. Limepop knit by melosa 2. Hitch knit by branje 3. Berenice knit by waldormanufaktur 4. Princess Fiona knit by Knitmish 5. Lila knit by Chrisso 6. Laneway knit by NeulistiMNK
1. Grace knit by rnmama 2. Oatmeal Pullover knit by gundykniter 3. Relax knit by gardenknittr 4. Lady Sunnyside knit by CelticCastOn 5. Marion knit by Highlanddancemom 6. Neon is the new black by ValentinaS
Don't you all look stunning? So many wonderful projects! Makes me get misty eyed every time. Thank you all for knitting along with me. xoxoxo




Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 Giveaway Winner on VeryShannon.com #sskal14
© Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed
It's Friday and I'm in the mood to giveaway some AMAZING prizes from our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 Giveaway!!!! 

This was our largest and best knit along yet! We had so many entries and so many wonderful knitted garments! I can't wait to show them all to you next week in our Starring You post! We also had generous and amazing sponsors this year for our SSKAL! I was seriously drooling when putting the prizes together! I hope you all go and show these wonderful businesses some Very Shannon love! They are all great businesses and they are all super supportive of our knit alongs and it's so very appreciated. To see all the sponsors and there awesome prizes check out the post HERE. And don't forget you can always find all our of Summer Sweater Knit Along posts and info on our SSKAL Homepage HERE. And our Tips & Techniques page filled with guest posts is HERE.

Shelter Yarn from Brooklyn Tweed on VeryShannon.com #sskal14

So....are you ready to find out who our winners are? I am!!!!

The winner of Prize #1 is..... - LOELEE (Ravelry Id) // Laurie

Congrats you've won the following prizes - Brooklyn Tweed Biston Kit, Tanis Fiber Arts Eventide Shawl Kit, Gift Certificate to The Yarniad, Gift Certificate to Hazel Knits, Sweaters Worth of Leizu DK from Julie Asselin, Road Trip by Tin Can Knits, Gift Certificate to Chicken Boots

The winner of Prize #2 is......#137 - SPINKNITUP (Ravelry Id) // Timiae

Congrats on winning and on your new baby! You've won the following prizes - YOTH Rutherford Hat Kit & Sweet Magnolia Cowl Kit from Tolt Yarn & Wool Shop, Gift Certificate to Jane Richmond Designs, Gift Certificate to Lakes Yarn & Fiber, Gift Certificate to Red Sock Blue Sock Yarns, Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Prize Pack

I'll be in touch with you over the next few days in regards to your prizes!!! 

A big thank you to all of you who signed up and knit along with us this year!



© Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood
Our 2 week extension is over and it's time for our annual Summer Sweater Knit Along Giveaway!!!!

I know how much you guys love the giveaway post from the SSKAL and this years does not disappoint! There are definitely going to be some lucky winners this year!!! So well deserved with all the amazing knitting that has been going on!

First I have to give a big thank you to our official Summer Sweater Knit Along Sponsor - Brooklyn Tweed! There support has been amazing!!!! Jared Flood is one of my top sources of inspiration and his gorgeous yarns and collections, featuring himself and other talented designers, keep all of us knitters drooling! A big thanks to them for cheering all of us on from the background! It's been amazing!

And we can't forget about all of the other amazing sponsors we have! Some have been with us from the very first SSKAL! I adore each and every one of them and they are all talented and inspiring companies you should definitely check out. They would love your support!

/// PRIZE ///
- a pattern kit for Biston (using Loft Yarn)

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate for $35 to Hazel Knits

/// PRIZE ///
- a copy of Road Trip by Tin Can Knits

 /// PRIZE ///
- a pattern kit for the Eventide Shawl by Tanis Fiber Arts ($70 value!)

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate of $25 to Chicken Boots

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate of $25 to Lakes Yarn & Fiber

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate of $25 to The Yarniad by Hilary Smith Callis

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate of $25 to Jane Richmond Designs

 /// PRIZE ///
- a sweaters worth of Leizu Worsted from Julie Asselin

 /// PRIZE ///
- a YOTH Rutherford Hat Kit (retail value $30) and a Sweet Magnolia Cowl Kit (retail value $60)

/// PRIZE ///
- a Gift Certificate for $40 to Red Sock Blue Sock Yarn

 /// PRIZE ///
- a prize of Once Upon a Time Sampler, The Mysterious Halloween Town, Halloween Spooky Sampler!

/// HOW TO ENTER ///
- You must be signed up in the SUMMER SWEATER KNIT ALONG 2014 and have started a project during the time of the knit along.  You DO NOT have to be done your project but you must have cast on and started knitting. 

/// THE PRIZES ///

Brooklyn Tweed Biston Kit, Tanis Fiber Arts Eventide Shawl Kit, Gift Certificate to The Yarniad, Gift Certificate to Hazel Knits, Sweaters Worth of Leizu DK from Julie Asselin, Road Trip by Tin Can Knits, Gift Certificate to Chicken Boots

YOTH Rutherfor Hat Kit & Sweet Magnolia Cowl Kit from Tolt Yarn & Wool Shop, Gift Certificate to Jane Richmond Designs, Gift Certificate to Lakes Yarn & Fiber, Gift Certificate to Red Sock Blue Sock Yarns, Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery Prize Pack

/// THE RULES ///
- You must have a valid email address when you signed up for the Summer Sweater Knit Along.
- You must have taken part in the Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 that is now over.
- Giveaway ends Sunday, October 12th, midnight, PST.

Good luck and thank you again for knitting along with me! Next week is our "Starring You" post so get those lovely FO pictures loaded on Ravelry.




Crosby by Julie Hoover for BT Fall 14
Crosby by Julie Hoover for BT Fall 14
We're at the end of our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 and it's time for you fab knitters to vote if you would like an extension or not.

This season we've seen sweaters being finished left and right! I have loved seeing all the hibernating projects being pulled out from their dark storage spots and becoming beautiful new garments! Some of you have also knit 2-3 garments! I can't believe how fast some of you are! It's crazy fun watching them all pop up on instagram and ravelry! Make sure you tag your project #sskal14 on social media so we can all follow along!

Ondawa by Michele Wang for BT Fall 14
Ondawa by Michele Wang for BT Fall 14
Even though some of you are flying through your projects there are some of us who would love another week or two. You may have a few inches left to knit, one more sleeve - doesn't matter...if you want another week or two just click below on the survey and we'll see what we can do :)

Don't forget to add your pictures to our "Finished Projects" thread in our Ravelry group. Make sure to do your best to get some awesome FO shots! I will be doing our annual "Starring You" post for the SSKAL14 and featuring some of our knitter FO's on the blog! We also love seeing them in here so we can all comment and swoon over your new sweaters!

I hope you've all been having fun! Thank you again for knitting along with me! This has been our biggest knit along to date yet! How's your project coming along? Do you need the extension?





It's time for another fabulous guest post for our Summer Sweater Knit Along! I'm beyond excited to have the insanely talented Tanis Lavallee of Tanis Fiber Arts here on the blog talking all about colorwork!!! 

This subject comes up so much in our ravelry group and especially during our garment knit alongs. Colorwork can at first seem very intimidating but Tanis does an amazing job below demystifying it for us all. It's one of those things that at first can be scary and seem like a lot to learn but in all honesty, once you get going, it's fun and produces a high impact! I hope after reading Tanis's post you'll give it a try if you haven't already.

Coolbreeze Cardigan & Hat by Tanis Lavallee
Tanis is a fabulous designer as well as the owner of one of my favorite yarn lines - Tanis Fiber Arts. Color, depth & squish factor all add up to make some seriously drool worthy yarns! She's also got a beautiful blog where she shares her designs, style posts, knit alongs and more. Tanis is a long time friend and am I'm so thrilled to have her back again for the SSKAL. She's so inspiring and one of the nicest people I know. You can see her previous post on "knitting with hand dyed yarns" here.

And now here's Tanis...

Ah colour, the more the better, am I right!? Obviously I love me some wonderful, colourful yarn and I find myself constantly drawn to projects that use multiples colours together. I just love all the options and seeing what an impact different colour pairings have on a pattern. So, with that in mind, I'm going to chat a bit about colourwork today. Don't be scared! I know lots of people get nervous thinking about working with more than one strand of yarn at a time, but I'm here to tell you that it's really nothing to be afraid of. One way to lighten the mental burden is to realize that most colourwork patterns are simple stockinette stitch. If you can knit cables, or lace, can turn the heel of a sock or can follow a chart then you can handle a colourwork project for sure.

So, first step: choosing colours. This is a topic that you are bound to over think but in my opinion there are really no rules. If you really want your motif to pop then be sure to select high contrast colours. Standing out dramatically isn't always the goal and sometimes a more subtle shift can be really beautiful too. One really good tip to judge the amount of contrast between your yarns is to snap a photo of the intended yarns and convert it to black and white. Looking at them as values will help to highlight the difference. In the example shown below we've got my Snowfling Mitt knit up with the high contrast pairing of Natural and Garnet. Once converted to black and white the pattern still really pops - we know we've got a good amount of contrast here.


Remember how I said that there are no rules when it comes to choosing colours? Below is a photo of one of my very favourite colourwork projects, an R&R Hoodie I knit for my son Rowan. When converted to black and white there is very little contrast between the three main colours of the sweater (in the b&w version you can't even tell that there is colourwork on the bottom!) but I love this sweater especially because of the subtle shift in tones. So don't let yourself get too caught up in the high contrast black and white trick - sometimes subtly nuanced knits are just the ticket!


The most daunting part of knitting with two colours at once is managing two strands of yarn. Some people will hold one strand in each hand and knit both english style and continental at the same time. I'm sure it takes a lot of practice but is probably pretty great once you get the hang of it. I. however, don't use that approach, I knit english style and simply drop colour A, pick up colour B, knit the stitches that I need to with colour B and then drop it to continue with colour A again. Both yarns are on my right side, I'll put one ball in back by my hip and the second ball more to the front by my knee and if the strands start to get twisted it's very easy to spot and untwist. Twisting and tangling yarns isn't a problem if you are consistent with where you pull your yarn from. If you always carry colour A under colour B, you won't have any problems. Bonus tip! The colourway that you carry underneath will be the dominant colourway in your pattern. So if you have one shade that you really want to pop and the other that is more of a background colour, be sure to carry the star colour underneath!

When working any colourwork pattern, it's really all about the chart. Charts can look super intimidating, but the trick is to take it all one row at a time. Take the sweater pictured below for example. It looks rather complicated right? Five colourways, lots of intricate patterning, surely it must have been very difficult... Nope!


And here are the reasons why: there are two rules that I follow when designing colourwork charts. The first is the rule of sevens. If at all possible, I try never to go more than seven stitches without switching colours. Any bigger gaps make for very long floats, which can make achieving an even tension difficult. I'll sometimes stretch it to nine stitches, but seven is my benchmark. The second rule is to never use more than two colours per row. As soon as you start working with more than two strands at a time the amount of effort required to keep all your balls straight increases dramatically. You can achieve amazing multicoloured, multidimensional results without going to any trouble at all by sticking to this rule.

Lets talk about gauge. Gauge is a knitters best friend right? We talk about it for every single project! When it comes to colourwork projects, you might find that your gauge differs between your colourwork portions and your single colour portions. So in the case of a colourful yoked sweater like the Byzantine Pullover shown above, you might find yourself having to change needle sizes to achieve a consistent gauge throughout your sweater. We tend to get too focused and knit stressfully tight when working colourwork. Relax and keep it loose! If your floats are too tight your work will pucker and won't lay flat. 

So, now you've made your chart, have knit your lovely garment and are ready to sew in the ends. All those ends! There are lots of ways to sew in ends, Jane highlighted a few in her lovely blog post earlier this month, but I've recently discovered a new-to-me way of weaving in ends that I absolutely love. I now use it for all of my projects, but find that it works especially well with colourwork. You know how the backside of colourwork is a thing of beauty in and of it's own right? Well, lovely as it may be I've always found it difficult to figure out where exactly to weave in the ends. Since you don't have the perfect backside of your stitches staring at you, but rather lots of floats blurring up your vision, where do you anchor in all those ends? The solution is to use a sharp darning needle and rather than weaving in and out of entire stitches, go directly through the plies of your yarn. The backside of your knitting will look a little less polished, but the side that really matters will look perfect! This trick really helps all  those ends to kind of felt together and stay put, resulting in no ends poking through to the front. Yes!


Last but not least, lets chat blocking! When it comes to blocking my hand knits, I almost always choose to wet block. I can't remember the last time I considered a knit finished without a good soak-and-lay-flat-to-dry time. Your colourwork knits are no exception, they benefit greatly from a good wet block. You should block them just as you would any other knitting project (you'll marvel at how beautiful your stitches look and how clear your motif is after blocking. The colourwork pattern really emerges!) the only tip I have for this step is to be sure to soak your colourful knits in COLD water! Heaven forbid any of that gorgeous colour should run, cold water will go a long way to  help keep the colour where it should be.

So, there you have it. Colourwork demystified (I hope!) Like anything else in knitting the best way to learn is to just dive in. Don't be afraid of all the glorious action going on in a colourful garment, it's really a lot more straight forward than it looks and I know you can do it!

Thank you so much for the awesome post Tanis! I can't wait to try some colorwork this fall! I've been dying to try some all year. Thank you for making amazing yarn and patterns and for inspiring us all.  You can find all things Tanis Fiber Arts here:

Do you love colorwork? Have you always wanted to learn? Are you a fan of Tanis Fiber Arts? Come chat!  I'd love to hear & see if you made a colorwork project for the Summer Sweater Knit Along! 




I love music. I also love knitting while listening to music. Put the two together and you've got yourself a relaxing knitting playlist!


Since we moved into our house I've been enjoying listening to Spotify. It took ages to get to Canada (it's invite only but it doesn't take long) and now that it's here.....I'm addicted. Can't get enough of it. This music lovers soul is happy and blissful. I work with it on, cook with it on, relax with it on, design with it on and most importantly - knit with it on.


So I thought, wouldn't it be fun to have a knitting playlist for our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014?

Heck yeah it would! I love putting together playlists and do it often. Whenever Jane and I travel for work I get all excited to make our road trip playlists. It's so fun! This is the first time I've done a knitting one though and boy did I get a kick out of it! Feel free to click on it to get a link to open it in it's own window or click HERE. I will be keeping it updated and adding new music throughout the year to it.

So curl up, grab your fave project, yarn & needles, a yummy drink, click play and join me! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it for you!

p.s. You can find all things Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 HERE. You may also enjoy the other freebies and fun projects we've done throughout our knit alongs! You can find them HERE.



Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
I'm so excited to have my bestie and business partner - Jane Richmond here as our guest today!

Our Summer Sweater Knit Along would not be complete without a guest post from Jane! I think she's been in all of them so far! I love her to bits and could gush about her fabulousness all day but I'll spare you for now...lol. You all know how much of a fan I am of her work and her technique posts are some of our most popular for our knit alongs! 

Today Jane's here to chat with you all about weaving in those ends! I know a ton of us hate this task but trust me - it's worth every minute. When spending all that time to knit your gorgeous new garment it's so important to take the extra steps for a beautiful finish and a lovely inside for your garment as well as the outside. You guys ready to get weaving in those ends?
1. Grace 2. Inland 3. Beacon Hill
Let's hear from Jane...

Thanks for having me back on the blog Shan! Your SSKALs are always so much fun, I'm excited to be a part of it even if I can't participate with a knitting project!

For my post I would like to share with you my two favorite methods of weaving in ends. Each serves it's own purpose depending on who I am knitting for. The first is an invisible method perfect for gift knitting or projects that I know don't need to be altered after finishing. The second is the method I use most and leaves ends secure but visible and easy to pull out in case adjustments need to be made!

Both methods are illustrated first using a contrasting yarn so that each step is easier to see, and then followed by images using matching yarn to demonstrate how invisible/visible each method is. You'll find instruction for weaving in ends on both the knit and purl sides of Stockinette fabric.

PURL SIDE /// contrasting yarn
In the demonstration below I've used a contrasting yarn to make the steps more visible.
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting

Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
PURL SIDE /// matching yarn
Below I've demonstrated the same method using the same yarn as the swatch to demonstrate how invisible the results are.
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
KNIT SIDE /// contrasting yarn
The first picture tutorial was demonstrating how to use this method on the purl side of a Stockinette fabric. Below is the same method only on the knit side of the fabric. This is also the same method used to create a duplicate stitch on a knit fabric to embellish a finished project.
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
KNIT SIDE /// matching yarn
This is what it looks like using the same yarn as the swatch. The duplicate stitches blend right in.

Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
PURL SIDE /// contrasting yarn
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
PURL SIDE /// matching yarn
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
KNIT SIDE /// contrasting yarn
I weave in the ends on the knit side a little differently. As you can see they are still very visible and this method is very easy to pull out.
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
KNIT SIDE /// matching yarn
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Weaving in ends with guest Jane Richmond || VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting
Happy Knitting!!!

Thanks for joining in today Jane! Love this tutorial! So handy! I hope you all enjoy it and find it helpful when finishing your new sweaters! You can always find all of our guest tutorials on our Tips & Techniques page HERE and all of our Summer Sweater Knit Along posts HERE.

You can find more Jane Richmond below:




Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

We've got another fabulous guest tutorial today for the Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 from one of my fave designers - the lovely Bristol Ivy!

Bristol's designs speak to my texture loving soul. I love her unique constructions, creative lines and overall aesthetic of her work as a designer. She's a huge source of inspiration for me as a designer and I've been a fan of hers since she started so I'm just over the moon to have Bristol here for our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014! I knew you would all be just as excited as I am!

Bristol has a written a tutorial for us that is for one of those garment knitting situations that you're always wondering if there was a better way to handle. You know that happy place in a top down sweater that you reach when you get to separate for sleeves? Yep, that wonderful knitting haven where you think "it looks like a sweater" and "now I can try it on" time. You know those stitches you have to put on waste yarn - well Bristol is showing us how to do the Provisional Bind Off in place of just putting those lovely stitches on a scrap yarn to get all distorted. Genius. No distorted stitches and it's much easier to try your garment on. I seriously live for these kinds of things. I'm always researching and trying to learn as a knitter and learning something new like this is food for the soul for me. I encourage you to give it a try! Don't be scared of the word "provisional". It's got a bad rap in the knitting world as being hard and it's really not. Promise.

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14
Before we jump in the lovely Bristol's birthday is this week! Happy birthday Bristol! In honor of her bday she has a lovely Birthday Sale! Bundle on! Use coupon code "29on28" to get 29% off the patterns listed in the bundle until August 31st.

And now here's Bristol...

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

Knitting a top-down sweater can be a fabulous way to get acquainted with sweater knitting.

Seamless, easy to try on and refine the fit of as you go, and a great way to eke out every last inch of your favorite yarn.  What’s not to like? But I’ll admit there was one part of the process that I didn’t love--putting the sleeves on waste yarn after the yoke was complete.  Either my waste yarn was too short and I couldn’t get my arms through, or it was too long and my stitches got distorted.  And what was going on with the stitches at the beginning and ends of each sleeve? It’s like they completely disappear, any extra slack in them getting absorbed into the body stitches on either side.  And, to be completely honest, a huge stumbling block? Hunting down a tapestry needle so I could thread the yarn through in the first place.

The biggest thing that bugged me about this, though, was how badly my sleeve stitches got distorted while they were on their holder.  I never felt like I got an accurate idea of how my sleeves fit, and finessing them back to the original gauge was always such a headache.  With these annoyances in mind, I started brainstorming other ways you could hold the sleeve stitches--something that would still be easy, prevent distortion, protect the integrity of the stitches at each edge, and wouldn’t need a tapestry needle.  Here’s what I came up with: the Provisional Bind-Off!

Just like the Provisional Cast-On Tutorial that Hilary showed you a couple weeks ago, the Provisional Bind-Off holds your stitches ready to work for whenever you need them.  Here, I’m demonstrating on half of a basic top-down raglan shape, worked in Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in Nest (special thanks to my friend Aimee for being a willing hand model!), but this is relevant to any place where you might hold stitches: underarms, henley plackets, back necks, et cetera.

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

STEP ONE \\ With your working yarn, work in pattern as established to the stitches that need to be held.

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

STEP TWO \\ Drop your working yarn and pick up your waste yarn (either a spare ball or a length approximately 4 times as long as the fabric being held). (Image 1)

STEP THREE \\ With waste yarn, bind off knitwise all stitches to be held. (Images 2, 3 & 4)

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

STEP FOUR \\ After knitting the final stitch, elongate it by pulling more yarn through, then break the waste yarn (you can leave this stitch live as Hilary’s done at the end of her Provisional Cast-On, but I tend to get it caught on things.  Try it and see!). (Image 1)

STEP FIVE \\ When you reach the end of the stitches that need to be held, fold the bound off fabric onto itself to close the gap between the stitches previously worked in your working yarn and the next stitches, and continue on with the next set of pattern instructions in the working yarn, whether that’s casting on stitches to cover the gap, or just continuing directly to the next set of stitches.  In my example, I am working directly with the next set of stitches. (Images 2 & 3)

The Provisional Bind-Off is complete! 

Here you can see the body of my sweater sample is started and the sleeve stitches are held with the Provisional Bind-Off, ready to be unzipped and worked. (Image 4)

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

STEP SIX \\ When you’re ready to work the held stitches, slide the tail of the waste yarn back through the previous stitch and through the first live working stitch (shown from the wrong side).

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14
Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14
Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

STEP SEVEN \\ Unzip the bind-off stitch by stitch, replacing the stitches on the needle.  You can then proceed with the pattern instructions as written as show above and below.

Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14Provisional Bind Off Tutorial with Guest Bristol Ivy || VeryShannon.com #sskal14

A couple tips: make sure to use relatively smooth, non-toothy waste yarn.  

For the example shown, to pair with the Brooklyn Tweed Shelter I used Quince & Co.’s Lark, a smooth, worsted-spun 100% wool that I knew wouldn’t grab onto the stitches it held and make it difficult to unravel.  Fibers or yarn types to avoid would be mohair, alpaca, cashmere, boucle, novelty yarn, or anything with a halo that could get tangled in the stitches of the working yarn and make it hard to unravel.

Additionally, be mindful of your bind-off.  

If you know you typically go up or down a needle size when binding off to match your working gauge, do so here as well.

Once you’ve taken these steps to provisionally bind off your stitches to be held, you can try the sweater on and proceed as usual, without worrying about any of your stitches distorting the structure of the bind off.  This will hold your stitches in place and match your working gauge, giving you a much better idea of how the sleeves will fit.  It will also make it easier to recover and work those stitches when you’re ready.  Plus, as a huge bonus, no hunting down that elusive tapestry needle!

So there you have it: the Provisional Bind-Off.  Give it a try next time you have to hold some stitches!

Thanks so much for being on the blog today Bristol! You can find all things Bristol below...

What do you think? Have you tried this method before? Do you adore the Provisional Cast on and Bind off too? 




ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting

Boy oh boy do I have a lovely and oh so pretty prize to giveaway today for our Summer Sweater Knit Along!

One of my most favorite designers, photographer/stylists is the oh so talented Carrie Bostick Hoge. Her work is constantly inspiring me and I am truly inspired by all of her work. I was super excited to see the release of her new book Anthology 1. Drool factor on high here folks!!! Seriously. You all know how I get obsessed about stitch patterns well this book is a knitter's dream! Carrie has taken 4 unique stitch patterns and incorporated them into a collection of dreamy and gorgeous garments and accessories!


CAMILLA | 6 Patterns including a pullover, shawls, child & baby garments & a blanket
SIBELLA | 4 Patterns including a cardigan, cowl, pullover and scarf
IMOGEN | 6 Patterns including a pullover, tees, a cowl, and a blanket
BEATRICE | 6 Patterns including cardigans, a wrap, cowl, tee and scarf

Each pattern is beautiful in it's own right. But when combined in different forms it creates an addictive collection of patterns just yearning to be cast on! Incorporated into different weights and styles these stitch patterns just beg to be knit up! There are patterns for babies, children and for adults. Also included are shawls, blankets and more. Each pattern is knit up with the equally as addictive Quince and Co. yarns! Seriously....could it get any better? Accompanied by Carrie's signature photography and graphic design Anthology 1 is a must have for any knitter's coveted collection of books.

Would you like to win a copy of Anthology 1? Keep reading to find out how!

ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knittingANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting

ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
ANTHOLOGY 1 by Carrie Bostick Hoge Giveaway on VeryShannon.com #knitting
Aren't they gorgeous! You ready to win?

- One lucky winner will win a hard copy of Madder: Anthology Vol. 1 when it's released (Oct) as well as the eBook which is available now.

- Simply leave me a comment below letting me know which pattern from Madder Anthology 1 you would make first!

- You must leave a valid email address in your comment or you will be disqualified. Giveaway is open until August 25th, 2014, midnight, PST.

A big congrats to Carrie for this amazing book! I can't even decide which is my fave or what to cast on first! Thank you for all the inspiration! You can find more about Carrie here:




Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | VeryShannon.com #sskal14

There has been so many gorgeous pics shared of Summer Sweater Knit Along projects over the last few weeks and it's been so inspiring! 

I figured it was time to show what I've been knitting away on. I've been working in the background  on a new sweater design! Yay! This time I'm making a cardigan and I can't wait to wear it! It's one of those projects that I can't knit fast enough so I can finally add it to my regular wardrobe. I have sort of adopted a new process that when I design now I try to knit 2 of some things. 1 for me and 1 for a sample because it kills me to not be able to wear them! So right now I'm working on 2 cardigans. One in my size and one in a sample size since I am for sure NOT the sample size...haha. If you look closely at the picture of my basket below with my knitting you will see the color that I'm making my size in. More on that later though.

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | VeryShannon.com #sskal14
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | VeryShannon.com #sskal14
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | VeryShannon.com #sskal14

I really enjoy making the initial design in my own size so I can try it on, use my dress form, and see how it looks on curves instead of just model proportions. Since I also design sewing patterns I find I use techniques from both fields in the design process. It's fun to implement things when I can to aid in the design process. Since math is so heavily used and I'm more of a visual person, I find the sewing skills aid me in designing garments in knitting and then adding in the math to create the pattern.

Since we just moved into our first home my knitting time hasn't been huge but I've been busy swatching and pattern writing and finally have that lovely Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in colorway "Hayloft" turning into a cardigan! I've been rewarding all my cleaning/unpacking with a few good solid hours of knitting work at the end of the day before bed. I find myself staying up late just enjoying our new house and the quiet with this pretty yarn. Isn't this color to die for? I've been in love with it for the longest time and I'm so happy to make a sweater with it. This color is the "sample" size for this pattern. I wish I could show you more but a girls gotta have some secrets...wink wink.

Rain & Leaf | VeryShannon.com

We just had our first day of rain here in a very long time and let me tell you, the girls shot out of bed this morning, threw on their rain boots and ran into our backyard all full of excitement to be able to go out and play in it. I on the other hand, grabbed my favorite hand knit and ran in the yard with a camera to catch a shot of the matching leaf to my cardi. I couldn't resist the shot..lol. I didn't even have my coffee first and that's saying a lot! I just couldn't get over how much the color matched perfectly! So pretty!

How's your SSKAL project going? Do you need any help? Questions? Don't be shy! Join the conversation! Feel free to leave a comment here or to ask any questions in our Ravelry group! We love seeing your "work in progress" shots and hearing about your projects! Also, if you blog be sure to share a post every Wednesday and share your link in the comments here so we can read it!

P.S. Don't forget to tag your work on Instagram and Twitter with our hashtag #sska14. There's a ton of fun going on there as well as in our Rav group. You can find me on both under "soveryshannon".




Provisional Cast On Tutorial with Guest Hilary Smith Callis of The Yarniad for Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 on VeryShannon.com #sskal14 #knitting

We've got one of my fave knitting pals here on the blog today to kick off our "Tips & Techniques" portion of the Summer Sweater Knit Along!!!  

Hilary Smith Callis of The Yarniad is an incredibly talented knitwear designer as well as a blogger and she's also one of our SSKAL14 sponsors! She's sweet, funny and just all around awesome. I adore her to bits and I think it's safe to say we both love a good cast-on.  I was super excited when she decided to write you all up a great tutorial on the infamous Provisional Cast-On! Don't fear the Provisional anymore! Give it a try! I promise it's not hard! So show Hilary some love - pin it, share it, tweet it and try it!

Here's Hilary..... 

One of my favorite knitting techniques is the Provisional Cast On. A Provisional Cast On is a temporary cast on -- stitches are cast on in such a way that you can pick them up live later on and work them however you'd like. Say you're knitting a sweater from the bottom up, but you don't know how long you want it, or you haven't decided if you want ribbing or garter stitch at the hem, or maybe you really want to make it longer than the pattern calls for but you don't know if you are going to have enough yarn. The Provisional CO allows you to cast on without commitment and make all of those decisions later! As a designer, I love the flexibility this gives me.

There are a few different ways to do a Provisional CO, but today I'm going to show you my preferred method, which involves making a little crochet chain and picking up stitches from it. If you're not experienced with crochet or have never made a chain before, do not fear! I am the world's worst crocheter, and even I can do this.

For this technique you're going to need a long length of scrap yarn close in weight to the yarn you'll ultimately be working with and, ideally, a crochet hook. If you don't have a crochet hook, don't worry about it. You can actually fudge things using a knitting needle, as I have done many times. It's just a little easier with the hook.

To start things off, make a slip knot around your crochet hook (or knitting needle) as you usually would to cast on.

To chain one, wrap your yarn around the hook from back to front as shown below, then pull that yarn down through the loop currently on your hook. (If you're using a knitting needle, you can do the exact same thing by wrapping your yarn around your needle in the same manner, then pulling the yarn down through the existing loop with the tip. You may need to help things along with your fingers, but it will work.)

Keep repeating the step above until you have chained several more stitches than you ultimately want to cast on. For this tutorial, I will cast on 10 stitches, so I chained about 20.

When you're done chaining, break your yarn but don't pull it through and fasten it off. Pull one gigantic loop through, tighten it, and leave it like that. We will be "unzipping" the chain later on, and leaving a big ol' loop like this makes that step easier.

One side of your chain will look like this:

And the opposite side will be a series of little bumps. When viewed from the side, the bumps look like this:

You will now be picking up and knitting stitches from those bumps with your working yarn. To begin, insert your needle into a bump a few bumps in from the end of the chain closest to the slip-knot (NOT the end closest to the big ol' loop -- you want to pick up stitches moving towards the big ol' loop)...

...then pull a knit stitch through using your working yarn (the pink).

Keep picking up and knitting stitches from the chain's bumps until you have picked up the number of stitches you want to cast on (10 for me). Congratulations! You've completed your Provisional Cast On!

Then follow your pattern as it's written, pretending you don't have a crochet chain hanging from the bottom of your work. I knit a little swatch of Stockinette Stitch flat, but there's no reason you couldn't do fancy stitches or join to work in the round either.

When you've finished your knitting and it comes time to get rid of that crochet chain and put your cast-on stitches back on the needles, flip it over so the crochet chain is on top. You will be work from right to left with the RS of your work facing you and the "big ol' loop" end of the crochet chain will be at the right.

The first stitch you put back on your knitting needle will be a funny little loop; a nub of a stitch. It won't look like a real stitch, but if you ignore it, you will end up with one less stitch than you want. Before you do anything with the crochet chain, insert your needle through this "stitch" from the back...

...then from the back through the next real-looking stitch to its left.

Now, pull on the cut end of your scrap/chain yarn to undo the big ol' loop...

...and keep pulling gently until you've "unzipped", or undone, the chains inside the two stitches on your knitting needle.

Place the next stitch on your knitting needle from the back, and unzip one more chain...

...and keep repeating that last step until all of the stitches you originally cast on are on your knitting needle.

From here, the possibilities are endless! If this is the bottom of a sweater we're talking about, you can add some extra length, create a pretty hem or a fancy edging, or perhaps you simply want to knit a few rows in garter stitch and bind off. If you Provisionally Cast On the neckline stitches of a top-down sweater, you can now add the collar you want. It's up to you!

Thanks so much for being on the blog today Hilary! Luv ya hun! You can find all things Hilary Smith Callis HERE on her website The Yarniad.

You can find more tutorials, tips & techniques HERE on our website! We hope you're enjoying the Summer Sweater Knit Along so far! Make sure to tag your work with hashtag #sskal14 and if you blog about the KAL share the link in the comments below.




Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn for #SSKAL14 || VeryShannon.com

Get those needles moving! Today is the start day for our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014!!!

I've been busy the last few days moving our family into our first home. I've been exhausted and more tired than I've ever been but soooooo happy! I've also been beyond thrilled to see the amount of chatter and excitement over this year's SSKAL already and it' hadn't even started yet! Can I just say you guys are the best!!!! Seriously, it makes me feel so happy to see you all enjoy this kal as much as I hoped you all would when I started it years ago.

When it comes to knitting garments it can be a whirlwind of thrilling emotions - excitement, trepidation, anxiety, confusion, happiness, confidence, pleasure and more. But the best part out of the process is the sheer joy of making a beautiful handmade garment that fits! Our SSKAL strives to help cheer you on throughout the entire process. From planning/cast on to binding off/blocking we can't wait to be a part of you making this new addition to your wardrobe!

For some lovely & well constructed garment pattern inspiration we highly recommend one of our all time favorite companies -  Brooklyn Tweed! They are sure to have a pattern to make your heart swoon! Their collections are filled with simple stunners to intricate pretties, and let's not forget about the kids and men in our lives! They have awesome patterns for those too! Brooklyn Tweed designs are sure to have superior craftsmanship and knitterly detail.

I'm so excited to let you all know that Brooklyn Tweed is our Official Summer Sweater Knit Along Sponsor! I'm beyond thrilled to have them on board again this year! Jared Flood is one of my biggest inspirations for design and aesthetic. I have an inspiration board in my office and one of the few things on it is my signed ball bands from Jared from Vogue Knitting Live in 2013! It was highlight to meet him in person and every time I feel the creative blues I look at those ball bands for an extra boost of inspiration. Silly I know, but hey, it works..lol.

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn for #SSKAL14 || VeryShannon.com
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn for #SSKAL14 || VeryShannon.com

Brooklyn Tweed also offers scrumptious yarns! Shelter (Worsted) and Loft (Fingering) are both yarns I have knit with and love. Brooklyn Tweed produces American yarns that preserve, support and sustain their belief in the tradition of U.S. textile production. Shelter and Loft are both fleece-dyed to achieve light and lofty yarns boasting 32 rich custom-blended heathers. These yarns give even the simplest fabrics depth and sophistication! They are truly a staple workhorse yarn to add to your stash and great for garment knitting. We'll have more info on Brooklyn Tweed throughout the kal so get ready to get inspired!

For this years SSKAL I'm working on a new sweater design! I won't be done by the end of the KAL I don't think but I'm sure gonna try! I'm swatching with some amazing Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in colorway Hayloft. Can we say swoon! Love this color so much!  And these shots are the first pictures I've taken in our new house!!!! I can't wait to show you all more soon!

I also wanted to share some helpful info today on this year's Summer Sweater Knit Along. First of all don't miss our handy SSKAL homepage!


You can find all of our SSKAL14 posts on our home page as well as some helpful information, links and more! Anytime you want to see what's happening with the KAL just pop on over to the SSKAL Homepage!

We've got some exciting posts coming your way for this KAL this year too! I've got some talented guests coming on to share some tips, techniques and more all relating to knitting sweaters! You can find all our pasts guest posts on our Tips & Techniques page as well!

Our Ravelry Group has some helpful moderators for our KALs. You can tell who they are by looking under their Ravatar for the word "moderator". They are all long time KAL members and they are there to help out as needed in our group. One of our moderators this year is assisting me in the chat thread with some special tasks so if there's any questions or you need assistance with something KAL related KCMOMOF2 can help you. I try my best to get in once a day but sometimes I'm not able to answer or address all the questions/convos so my moderators are my other hands in the group. I couldn't run these KALS without them! So show them some serious love!

Don't forget to use our hashtag! Use #SSKAL14 on social media to follow along with every one's projects! It was great fun to see all your projects on Instagram throughout our knit alongs.

Looking for inspiration? Check out our SSKAL Pinterest Page for tons of sweater pattern inspiration! We will also be pinning kal members choices as you tell as what you're knitting for this kal so feel free to share your pattern choices and yarn picks in the Ravelry group or here in the comments!

I love seeing what you are all making! It's part of what makes it all fun!And remember.....fun is our #1 rule for our kals!

What would you like to see talked about on the blog for this year's SSKAL? Any technique's or topics you would like to see covered? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Happy knitting!




Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 || VeryShannon.com
© Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed
Our Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 is almost HERE!!!
You've all been so patiently waiting the dates for this years Summer Sweater Knit Along and I couldn't keep it secret any longer! We've got some AMAZING guest posts planned, dreamy prizes, tutorials and more for this year's KAL! You won't want to miss it! We will have our handy Summer Sweater Knit Along Home Page up on my website next week! You will always be able to find all of the posts and relevant info on that page as well as our BIG reveal on who our Official Sponsor is for the SSKAL!

Never made a garment before? Looking to try a new technique? Don't worry! Our knit alongs are suitable to any level and we're here to cheer you on and help you through the process. We've got a lively, friendly and supportive ravelry group that's filled with moderators and members always willing and able to help answer questions and give support. We're lots of fun and the group is very active and chatty during our kal's. Think of it as sitting each week with hundreds of ladies knitting/crocheting alongside you cheering you on every step of the way!  Trust me - it's fun! We've also got a brand new Tips & Techniques page for you to find all of our curated posts from all of our knit alongs. There's tutorials, how to's, free patterns and more!

What can I make?
For the Summer Sweater Knit Along you can make any sweater, cardigan, pullover you would like! It can also be a child's sweater or you can jump in with a WIP that you've been dying to finish! We also don't mind if you double up on KAL projects - we're easy going and just want you to have fun knitting with us! Just in case you need some extra inspiration you can follow and get inspiration on our Summer Sweater Knit Along Pinterest Board! We're starting to pin now and will also be adding member project choices too!

Make sure to use our hashtag #sskal14 on social media so we can follow along with your projects!! Our last kal was sooooo fun to follow on Instagram! We all had a good time watching each other's WIP's!

What happens at the end of the kal?
If you you haven't done a knit along with us before you don't want to miss the end rewards! When we are all done we celebrate with me showing off some of your finished projects on the blog here with our "Starring You Post" and then I host a giant giveaway with awesome prizes from our KAL sponsors!!!! All you have to do is sign up (link & info below) and have started or complected your project to be eligible. 

Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 || VeryShannon.com
© Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed
So what do you say? You ready to join in for our Summer Sweater Knit Along? Yay! You can find all the info and details below!

Start: July 30th
End: September 24th with a fun giveaway!

- You can KNIT OR CROCHET ANY PATTERN OF YOUR LIKING that fits under the category of a sweater, cardigan, pullover etc..  This can be either for an adult or a child.  Any weight of yarn can be used.
- You can enter knitting on a WIP and you are also allowed to double up on KAL's if you'd like.
- You don't need to finish your project (though we love it if you do) to be eligible for the giveaway but you do need to start.  We really want to encourage people to knit together and form a sense of community and online friendships.
- There will be a topic thread in our ravelry group that you can chat away about your projects, share patterns, cheer each other on and more.  Have fun with it!
- Have fun! For reals! That's a rule..lol! You must have fun!
- If you're not on ravelry feel free to share your pics and chat in the comments. We love when you guys comment on the blog and it's also a fun place to have convos and share your blog posts as well.

Enter your info into this private form tobe eligible for the prizes for the giveaway! You must have a project in progress during the KAL to be eligible. Projects already begun before the KAL started are allowed to be joined into the KAL. You can also double up KAL's if you are in an existing KAL with that project.

You can sign up by filling in the form below.
*Note: you must be signed up to be eligible to win the giveaway prizes at the end of the knit along.

1. RAVELRY. Find the KAL running in the Very Shannon Ravelry Group. The thread to chat in will be up today sometime so you can all pop in and share which projects you will be making, swatches, yarn choices etc. This is the part I find the most fun! I love all the chatting, friendships, laughs and support. If you haven't joined in over there before for our KAL's you should give it a try.

2. PINTEREST. We will have a fun Summer Sweater Knit Along Pinterest Board where you can find other  projects pinned to see different yarns & patterns and to get inspiration. We will be adding to this pinboard as the KAL progresses throughout the month so please share your projects pics with us! We love to see them!

3. BLOGS. Each week throughout the KAL, I will both be posting here on the blog along with some special guests. You will be able to read the posts hopefully every Wed throughout the duration of the knit along. Please feel free to join in and post on Wed as well and share your links in the comments so we can read your posts too!

4. SOCIAL MEDIA. You can follow along with pics and more with the hashtag #sskal14. You can find me on facebook, twitter, instagram and google+.

5. HOME PAGE. You can always keep up to date with all the posts, sponsors, details & more for the SSKAL on our homepage Summer Sweater Knit Along Homepage HERE (coming soon!).

Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 || VeryShannon.com
© Jared Flood / Brooklyn Tweed
Are you joining in? What sweater/yarn will you be using? Thanks for knitting along with me!


Perkins Cove Pullover by Pam Allen
Perkins Cove Pullover by Pam Allen. Picture by Carrie Bostick Hoge
It's time to announce the winners of our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Giveaway!!!! 

I know you've all be patiently waiting for me to spill the goods on who won our lovely awesome prizes!!! So here are our winners.....

WINNER #1 - 

WINNER #2 - 

Congratulations everyone! I'll be in touch soon in regards to your prizes!!!


A HUGE thank you again to all of you for joining in and knitting with me! And a big thank you to all of our generous and amazing sponsors for the TTTKAL this year! You can always find all the posts and info on our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Home Page.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Summer Sweater Knit Along! Dates will be announced next month!!! So get ready :)


Confetti Powder from Confetti System
It's giveaway time!!!! After all your hard work knitting up your top, tanks & tees it's time for our annual giveaway for the TTTKAL! 

A big thank you to Quince & Co. for being our Official Tops, Tanks & Tees Sponsor this year! Without Quince & Co. we wouldn't have our knit along! Our other super fabulous sponsors have donated some amazing prizes for you all to win! I'm drooling over here people! Two of you are going to be some lucky knitters!!!! Please visit their sites and show them some love! Each of our sponsors are companies I love and use. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

|| PRIZE ||
- Kestrel and Sparrow Sans eBooks and 1 skein each of Kestrel and Sparrow in the color of the winners choosing from Quince and Co.

|| PRIZE ||
- 3 skeins of Julie Asselin Yarn - Fino (Merino/Cashmere/Silk), in winners color choice.

|| PRIZE ||
- $25 Gift Certificate to Jane Richmond Designs.

|| PRIZE ||
- $25 Gift Certificate to Sugar + Candy Handbags.
|| PRIZE ||
- 2 sets of Akin Stitch Markers

- You must be signed up in the TOPS, TANKS & TEES KNIT ALONG and have started a project during the time of the knit along.  You DO NOT have to be done your project but you must have cast on and started knitting.

First Place Prize
- Quince & Co. prize package, Julie Asselin Yarn Prize Package and Jane Richmond Prize Package.

Second Place Prize
- Sugar + Candy Handbags Prize Package, Akin Prize Package

- You must have left a valid email address when you signed up in the form above.
- You must have taken part in the TOPS, TANKS & TEES KNIT ALONG that is now over.
- Giveaway ends Sunday, June 15th, 2014 at midnight, pst.

More information and links for the entire knit along can be found on our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Homepage. Good luck everyone and thanks again for knitting along with me!


Vasa pattern knit by Sunflowerknit
Vasa knit by Sunflowerknit
Today is the day we've all been waiting for! The Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along 2014 - Starring You Post!!!! I seriously love putting this together for you all every year! It's so fun!

I mean how could you resist showing off all these amazingly gorgeous projects!!! You guys blew my mind this year! We shortened the TTTKAL by almost a month and still some of you whipped out 2 projects! Mind blown!!! Plus there was some seriously great uses of color and fibers paired with inspiring and oh so lovely patterns this year! I'm so happy to see so many of you embrace knitting warm weather garments!

Saco Stripes pattern knit by JennEmerson
Saco Stripes by JennEmerson
When putting together today's post I couldn't help but get emotional. I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful knitters joining in on our knit alongs. It does my heart good to see so many of you having such a good time, bonding, laughing, sharing stories and also learning/helping each other with your projects. I know I enjoy sitting down and reading through the thread every night and following along on Instagram with our #tttkal hashtag. It's so fun to see what you all have been up to with your projects!

Willing Spring pattern knit by Jaykayknits
Willing Spring by Jaykayknits
I can't help but say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who participated - whether you finished or not. It means the world to me that you join in and have fun! From someone who had nobody to knit with to now having all of you it  makes me get all teary eyed! You guys are the best and I can't wait for the next one!!!

And now - here you all are!!!! You're AMAZING!
Sourpatch pattern knit by BetsyJo
Sourpatch knit by BetsyJo

Saco Stripes Pattern and Driftwood Tee Pattern knit by Knitthehellout
 Saco Stripes and Driftwood Tee both knit by Knitthehellout
Dulce De Leche knit by ryanpagehaas
Davis knit by Knitmish
Fire Opal Tee Pattern knit by Mamatronic
Fire Opal Tee knit by Mamatronic
Leger and Saco Stripes knit by Gardenknittr
Drifting and Scarborough Shrug knit by Moonkun
Regatta Tee knit by Sbnyc
Cap Sleeve Lattice Tops - 1 & 4: Knit by Becca Flake 2: Knit by Stephni-A 3: Knit by Joy201
1. Bryter knit by KCmomof2 2. Saco Stripes knit by cassburns 3. Simple Circle Yoke Pullover by DrAnna 4. Sunny Lou Dress from byannieclaire 5. Short Row Sweater knit by laura2022 6. Sparrow knit by Regalraven 7. Hawt Sands knit by Mamtronic 8. Hetty knit by likeleigh
1. Lavina knit by inafunk 2. Whispers by qtpieknitter 3. Emerald knit by lilpixie124 4. 26-29 Super Cotton Vest knit by karinamaza
1. Stoney Brook Top knit by madgiddy 2. Icarus knit by urbanizer 3. Saco Stripes knit by culabrat 4. Wakame knit by philda 5. Jessa knit by CassyTom 6. Sagoponack Tee knit by ummashin 7. Cosmopolitan knit by Purplefish 8. Nachtfalter knit by pattymatt 9. Catskills Cardi knit by bibite 10. Tomboy Cardigan knit by asimplehomestd
1. Bokeh Tank knit by craftycavy 2. Drambuie knit by mootastic1 3. Aquae Tank by mradford  4. Shannon knit by ValentinaS 5. Vertex knit by Calliopesmom 6. Dropveter knit by Karinamaza 7. Ribbon by qtpieknitter 8. Holla Back Tank knit by PamonMars
Wowsa!!!! You guys did soooo good! So many amazing projects! And such a fun variety! I love it! Congrats again on all of your WIP's and FO's! You guys rock!

You can always check out all the lovely knitted projects on our...

Instagram with #tttkal hashtag

And a huge thank you to our wonderful and supportive sponsor Quince & Co. for helping to make our TTTKAL 2014 happen!!!! Please go visit them and show them some love!!

Stay tuned for next week! Our big giveaway is coming up!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!


Kestrel Tank by Quince and Co.
Image via Quince & Co.
Knitting a whole top, tank or tee is time consuming. You guys know that I always like to give you all a chance to vote if you'd like a 1 week extension on the deadline to finish up your KAL project.

It was new this year to try the TTTKAL in a 1 month time span. Usually I do 2 months but found everyone was making at least 2 projects - it was too long. So this year we did 1 but I'd still like to offer you a chance to push it back a few days if you'd like before we do our starring you post! The new deadline would be Monday, June 2nd, 2014.

Remember - do your best to get some lovely finished pictures of your project to show off your hard work! Get someone to help you or find some great tips on our post last year on taking great project pics by our guest Michelle from A So Called Handmade Life. It's got lots of great tips and her pics are always some of my faves! Click HERE to read the post. You can also find more helpful info on our Tips & Techniques page HERE.

Trust me when I say that you will appreciate taking the time to take a good project shot later on when you look back at all your knitting on ravelry. It feels good to have your work shine and to share it with all your fellow knitters :) Plus our next KAL post is our "Starring You" one and I'll be posting some of the finished projects on the blog next week!!

Now it's time to vote! Fill out the poll below and then get knitting ladies!

And for those of you who are already done - wahoo!!!! There are some AMAZING projects in our Tops, Tanks, Tees Knit Along FO Page on Ravelry!

Thanks for knitting along with me!

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