Vasa pattern knit by Sunflowerknit
Vasa knit by Sunflowerknit
Today is the day we've all been waiting for! The Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along 2014 - Starring You Post!!!! I seriously love putting this together for you all every year! It's so fun!

I mean how could you resist showing off all these amazingly gorgeous projects!!! You guys blew my mind this year! We shortened the TTTKAL by almost a month and still some of you whipped out 2 projects! Mind blown!!! Plus there was some seriously great uses of color and fibers paired with inspiring and oh so lovely patterns this year! I'm so happy to see so many of you embrace knitting warm weather garments!

Saco Stripes pattern knit by JennEmerson
Saco Stripes by JennEmerson
When putting together today's post I couldn't help but get emotional. I feel so lucky to have so many wonderful knitters joining in on our knit alongs. It does my heart good to see so many of you having such a good time, bonding, laughing, sharing stories and also learning/helping each other with your projects. I know I enjoy sitting down and reading through the thread every night and following along on Instagram with our #tttkal hashtag. It's so fun to see what you all have been up to with your projects!

Willing Spring pattern knit by Jaykayknits
Willing Spring by Jaykayknits
I can't help but say a huge THANK YOU to each and every one of you who participated - whether you finished or not. It means the world to me that you join in and have fun! From someone who had nobody to knit with to now having all of you it  makes me get all teary eyed! You guys are the best and I can't wait for the next one!!!

And now - here you all are!!!! You're AMAZING!
Sourpatch pattern knit by BetsyJo
Sourpatch knit by BetsyJo

Saco Stripes Pattern and Driftwood Tee Pattern knit by Knitthehellout
 Saco Stripes and Driftwood Tee both knit by Knitthehellout
Dulce De Leche knit by ryanpagehaas
Davis knit by Knitmish
Fire Opal Tee Pattern knit by Mamatronic
Fire Opal Tee knit by Mamatronic
Leger and Saco Stripes knit by Gardenknittr
Drifting and Scarborough Shrug knit by Moonkun
Regatta Tee knit by Sbnyc
Cap Sleeve Lattice Tops - 1 & 4: Knit by Becca Flake 2: Knit by Stephni-A 3: Knit by Joy201
1. Bryter knit by KCmomof2 2. Saco Stripes knit by cassburns 3. Simple Circle Yoke Pullover by DrAnna 4. Sunny Lou Dress from byannieclaire 5. Short Row Sweater knit by laura2022 6. Sparrow knit by Regalraven 7. Hawt Sands knit by Mamtronic 8. Hetty knit by likeleigh
1. Lavina knit by inafunk 2. Whispers by qtpieknitter 3. Emerald knit by lilpixie124 4. 26-29 Super Cotton Vest knit by karinamaza
1. Stoney Brook Top knit by madgiddy 2. Icarus knit by urbanizer 3. Saco Stripes knit by culabrat 4. Wakame knit by philda 5. Jessa knit by CassyTom 6. Sagoponack Tee knit by ummashin 7. Cosmopolitan knit by Purplefish 8. Nachtfalter knit by pattymatt 9. Catskills Cardi knit by bibite 10. Tomboy Cardigan knit by asimplehomestd
1. Bokeh Tank knit by craftycavy 2. Drambuie knit by mootastic1 3. Aquae Tank by mradford  4. Shannon knit by ValentinaS 5. Vertex knit by Calliopesmom 6. Dropveter knit by Karinamaza 7. Ribbon by qtpieknitter 8. Holla Back Tank knit by PamonMars
Wowsa!!!! You guys did soooo good! So many amazing projects! And such a fun variety! I love it! Congrats again on all of your WIP's and FO's! You guys rock!

You can always check out all the lovely knitted projects on our...

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And a huge thank you to our wonderful and supportive sponsor Quince & Co. for helping to make our TTTKAL 2014 happen!!!! Please go visit them and show them some love!!

Stay tuned for next week! Our big giveaway is coming up!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!