Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | #sskal14

There has been so many gorgeous pics shared of Summer Sweater Knit Along projects over the last few weeks and it's been so inspiring! 

I figured it was time to show what I've been knitting away on. I've been working in the background  on a new sweater design! Yay! This time I'm making a cardigan and I can't wait to wear it! It's one of those projects that I can't knit fast enough so I can finally add it to my regular wardrobe. I have sort of adopted a new process that when I design now I try to knit 2 of some things. 1 for me and 1 for a sample because it kills me to not be able to wear them! So right now I'm working on 2 cardigans. One in my size and one in a sample size since I am for sure NOT the sample size...haha. If you look closely at the picture of my basket below with my knitting you will see the color that I'm making my size in. More on that later though.

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | #sskal14
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | #sskal14
Brooklyn Tweed Shelter Yarn | #sskal14

I really enjoy making the initial design in my own size so I can try it on, use my dress form, and see how it looks on curves instead of just model proportions. Since I also design sewing patterns I find I use techniques from both fields in the design process. It's fun to implement things when I can to aid in the design process. Since math is so heavily used and I'm more of a visual person, I find the sewing skills aid me in designing garments in knitting and then adding in the math to create the pattern.

Since we just moved into our first home my knitting time hasn't been huge but I've been busy swatching and pattern writing and finally have that lovely Brooklyn Tweed Shelter in colorway "Hayloft" turning into a cardigan! I've been rewarding all my cleaning/unpacking with a few good solid hours of knitting work at the end of the day before bed. I find myself staying up late just enjoying our new house and the quiet with this pretty yarn. Isn't this color to die for? I've been in love with it for the longest time and I'm so happy to make a sweater with it. This color is the "sample" size for this pattern. I wish I could show you more but a girls gotta have some secrets...wink wink.

Rain & Leaf |

We just had our first day of rain here in a very long time and let me tell you, the girls shot out of bed this morning, threw on their rain boots and ran into our backyard all full of excitement to be able to go out and play in it. I on the other hand, grabbed my favorite hand knit and ran in the yard with a camera to catch a shot of the matching leaf to my cardi. I couldn't resist the I didn't even have my coffee first and that's saying a lot! I just couldn't get over how much the color matched perfectly! So pretty!

How's your SSKAL project going? Do you need any help? Questions? Don't be shy! Join the conversation! Feel free to leave a comment here or to ask any questions in our Ravelry group! We love seeing your "work in progress" shots and hearing about your projects! Also, if you blog be sure to share a post every Wednesday and share your link in the comments here so we can read it!

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