My favorite part of our knit alongs is the wonderful and amazing community of knitters who join in each year!

What makes knit alongs so fun? Community and frienships (both new & old). One thing I notice and treasure so much is the loving and kind group of knitters in our Ravelry group. You guys are always busily chatting away (I can hardly keep and sharing, inspiring, helping, teaching and just enjoying knitting with each other virtually.

It's such a special thing to watch these bonds grow and bloom each year and to see more and more sweet gals and guys join in our knit alongs! The more the merrier! I myself am beyond inspired by the wip's, the pattern suggestions, the yarn choices, your progress pics, and more! I love it and for that I'm so thankful for you all joining along and knitting with me each year.

If you haven't joined in on Ravelry please do. It's the heart of our KAL. It's where all the special stuff happens :) There is also a lot of fun on Instagram as well! I follow everyone's projects and convos on both. Even if you're shy, or usually just like to sit back and follow along, I urge you to step out of your comfort zone and just jump in. Share a pic, comment on the Ravelry thread, comment on someone's IG pic...whatever you feel you'd like to do and haven't been brave enough to before - just go for it. I promise you'll be welcomed by a wonderful group of people who will be more than happy to hear from you and meet you.

Ravelry is fun to use but can sometimes seem intimidating if you've never used it. Here's some tips below to get the most out of our knit along thread!


1) You don't have to read everything at one time. It can be overwhelming if you miss a few days and you pop in. Ravelry can help you with this. There are easy ways to just see pics shared, patterns chatted about and projects linked. When you are in our TTTKAL thread simply look up at the top of the page and you will see the pertinent titles come up with a number beside them. These are the those items. If you click on the number it will take you to a page with just those items! It's a fun way to see the thread in a different way! I love checking out things this way sometimes!

2) Ravelry will remember where you got to. If you were in the thread and didn't get finished, the next time you pop in Ravelry will remember the last thing you read. If you click on the tab heading at the top of the thread "go to first unread post" it will take you to where you left off. That way you won't miss a thing!

3) Lost something? Utilize the search this thread option. At the top of the thread you will also see a magnifying glass with the words "search this topic". Click on this and type in what you're trying to find and poof - rav will search through this thread to find it.

4) Just want to reply to the whole thread or make a new comment? Hit "reply to thread". This way you can post what you'd like without having to reply to another persons comment.

5) Reply to another person's comment. If you'd like to comment on someone's comment and start a conversation simply hit the "reply" function at the bottom right corner of the comment. Easy peasy! You can also simply click on one of the emotion options as well. This is fun as well!

6) Find out more about one conversation within the group. At the top of the commenter's box you will find the heading "2 replies" (or pertinent number). Click on this and you can easily and quickly read all the replies and join in! You will also see a heart beside the number of the post and you can click on it to favorite it!

7) Read all of one person's comments? Go to one of their comments in the thread and underneath their name and ravatar - their profile pic, you will see "53 posts, (4)" for example. If you click on the "53 posts" you will see every comment they have made in a group, and if you click on the "(4)" you will see the comments they have made in our TTTKAL thread. You can even read the persons posting statistics with pie charts! This is great if you and your bestie are both in the same KAL and you want to stay up to date with what they've been up to :)

Want to learn more? You can find helpful posts for using Ravelry on their blog HERE. Here's a few I thought you may find helpful as well!

// Mobile Forums // Adding Project Photos // Forum Radar

Remember you can always stay on top of what's going on and where to join in on our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Homepage and don't forget to tag all your project pics with our hashtag #TTTKAL so we can see all your pics!

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How's your #TTTKAL project coming along? Do you have a Ravelry thread tip to share?