Featherweight Cardigan knit by Mamatronic
It's time for our finale post for the Summer Sweater Knit Along 2014 - the one STARRING YOU!

Can I just say WOW! You guys blew my mind this year! The amount of gorgeous and lovely projects finished this year were amazing! It took me forever to go through them all but boy was it fun! I love seeing all your handiwork. It's truly so fulfilling to see you all loving knitting and sharing it with each other.

There was lots of constructive chat about fit, techniques and more this year! I noticed a ton more colorwork than previous years thanks to some awesome patterns released like Diana Walla's stunning Sundottir! Sundottir was a hit of the KAL! I'm dying to make one too now! It was a thrill to have her join in on the SSKAL along with the fabulous sewing pattern designer Jen of Grainline as well as lots of other fabulous & talented ladies in our industry! Along with colorwork there was also lots of color this year! I love when that happens! Now don't get me wrong, I adore neutrals, but color is always fun! There was also stripes, cables, lace and more and I enjoyed seeing some men's patterns finished as well as little boy garments! That's right - you can even make baby and kids patterns in our SSKAL!

Coda knit by Knithehellout
As usual I have so enjoyed knitting and reading along in the threads. It's like getting to have hundreds of friends to talk with everyday for 2 months! And the best part is we all try to stay in touch until the next one! Don't forget about our "chit chat" thread where you guys can all still keep chatting and asking questions, and then you can continue to share your projects in the "WIP & FO's" thread. There's no reason to become strangers now that the SSKAL is over! Heck no, we want you to stay chatting, still making new friends, still enjoying our love of knitting! And if you missed some of the Summer Sweater Knit Along and want to catch up just pop on over to our SSKAL Homepage for all the info. You can find all of our knit alongs HERE and our Tips & Techniques page HERE.

Fort knit by Woolful (ashleyy)
I always get so emotional going through the threads when it's over and seeing all the special moments and the friendships made. It just makes me so happy. Words cannot express how much I love these knit alongs and what's even better is knowing you all love them too! So thank you for that. It means so much to me that you all join in each year and embrace our little loving community of knitters! We want you to truly enjoy garment knitting and jump in and have fun! I adore each and every one of you and so congratulations on a KAL well done!!!

Now here you all all of your awesomeness! Enjoy!
Benton knit by Grainline
Camilla knit by KaraStanley (Of Nice and Knit)
Stasis knit by DreaReneeKnits
Svalbard knit by Dianna Walla
Bluesand Cardigan knit by Maya-Elizabeth
Antrorse knit by Knitmish
Sundottir knit by KatColorado2
1. Hiro knit by nursenikkiknits 2. Sundottir knit by Dreareneeknits 3. Coolbreeze Cardigan knit by Culabrat 4. Sourpatch knit by Sarinka 5. Sargent knit by Self Preservation 6. Garter Yoke Cardigan knit by gardenknittr 7. Checks & Balances knit by madgiddy 8. Sundottir knit by Loelee 9. Stasis knit by ahickman
Briquette knit by jordynelizabeth
1. Airflow knit by Cassytom 2. Antrorse knit by Dreareneeknits 3. Aidez knit by jaykayknits 4. Grandpa Cardigan knit by Cassytom 5. Lush knit by Talvi 6. Schenley knit by LaVgirl 7. Transmute knit by cdavisshannon 8. Oh My Bear knit by CasaKelley 9. Boxy knit by fabiknits
Robin knit by Chberkom
1. Larch Cardigan knit by CasaKelley 2. Raindrops knit by sbnyc
1. 88-4 knit by KatColorado2 2. Wickerwork knit by Sanjou 3. Bray knit by Poptins 4. Sunny Summer Stripes knit by Crafty-Effie 5. Bloc Party knit by anowlis 6. Sperry knit by knorman 7. Argo knit by knorman 8. Breezy Cardigan knit by afurg 9.Antrorse knit by cbhaler
Abate knit by mootastic1
1. Foam by Sanjou 2. Oshima knit by heatherly 3. Idlewood knit by knorman 4. Wickerwork Pullover knit by knorman 5. Ease knit by Mamatronic 6. Twenty Ten Cardigan knit by expectingsam
1. Bronwen knit by Chrisso 2. Make a Wish knit by jska510 3. Palladio knit by TrishKnits
1. Limepop knit by melosa 2. Hitch knit by branje 3. Berenice knit by waldormanufaktur 4. Princess Fiona knit by Knitmish 5. Lila knit by Chrisso 6. Laneway knit by NeulistiMNK
1. Grace knit by rnmama 2. Oatmeal Pullover knit by gundykniter 3. Relax knit by gardenknittr 4. Lady Sunnyside knit by CelticCastOn 5. Marion knit by Highlanddancemom 6. Neon is the new black by ValentinaS
Don't you all look stunning? So many wonderful projects! Makes me get misty eyed every time. Thank you all for knitting along with me. xoxoxo