Baby Boy Bimaa Shawl Collar Sweater Gift Set on! #sewing #bimaa #boy #baby

I love babies and lately a few people I know have been having some gosh darn cute ones and surprise, surprise....I'm way behind on sewing up the baby gifts.

I got a chance to redeem myself for one baby in our family this past weekend. It's a boy so when that happens I get really excited (since I have girls), but after the excitement wears off, I realize I own mostly girl patterns and girl fabric. Luckily the last few Girl Charlee orders I made I stocked up on some adorable gender neutral prints for both myself, my kiddos, and any boy gifts I may need to make.

When I set about looking through my pattern library I realized that no matter what I saw all I wanted to make was the Bimaa from LouBee Clothing. One of my all time faves. I think this one is my 4th?  I adore this sweater. I figured the shawl collar or hooded version are gender neutral but my heart kept longing for the shawl collar. I really like shawl collared sweaters on grown men and knew I would like it just as much on a cute baby boy too. And boy was I right. I love how it turned out!
Baby Boy Bimaa Shawl Collar Sweater Gift Set on! #sewing #bimaa #boy #baby
Baby Boy Bimaa Shawl Collar Sweater Gift Set on! #sewing #bimaa #boy #baby
Baby Boy Bimaa Shawl Collar Sweater Gift Set on! #sewing #bimaa #boy #baby

I really liked the combo of simple and easy everyday leggings paired with something a bit more interesting than a simple tee or pullover for the other garment. And really.....who could go wrong with penguins?  They are a fave around our house and I think I've made 2 other baby gifts with this much hoarded fabric. Every time I go to use it I find myself taking a lot of inner mental cajoling to cut into it. I'm so scared to use it all up because I love it so much and I think it's sold out now. I really want a pair of legging jammies for myself in the penguin print. Don't judge But seriously? How cute would that be!?!! I would wear them every night. The hubs loves penguins + penguin jammies = awesomeness in our house.

PATTERN |  Top - Bimaa Sweater from LouBee Clothing / Leggings - Baby Sweatsuit Pattern from Heidi and Finn
FABRIC |  Penguin print from Girl Charlee (I think it's sold out now), Dark Grey from stash.
SIZE MADE |  Top - Size 12mths, Leggings - Size 12/18mths
TAGS | Labels both from InkedPapers.

What's your favorite baby boy sewing go to gift? Do you love the Bimaa too? Would you rock penguin jammies? C'mon...spill the beans....