Warm Weather Knitting Necessities //
1. Knit and Let Knit Tote  2. Sparrow Yarn 3. Box Pouch 4. Fox Yarn Bowl 5. Neon Stitch Markers 6. Zippered Pouch
Summer knitting is almost upon us and the weather is warming up. So today we're going to chat warm weather knitting necessities! And yes - there are some :)

Now you all know how much I encourage and preach continuing to knit in the warmer months of the year. That's how our Tops, Tanks & Tees and Summer Sweater Knit Alongs were born! Just because it's gorgeous outside does not mean that our passion for knitting needs to be hidden away for months at a time. Bring that knitting out of the closet - let it see the sunlight! Instead of thinking you can't be knitting - embrace it! Bring it to the beach, take it to the park, have it go on your road and camping trips! Knitting is truly a bring it everywhere you go hobby!

So what sorts of things does one need to make knitting suitable for the warmer months? Well...these warm weather knitting neccessities of course!
We don't want you getting sand in your fibers so make sure you are carrying a rockin' project bag to keep your knitting lovelies safe. You can use one of our tutorials to make your own (if you are so inclined) or spoil yourself and purchase a great new bag to go with your shorts and a tank :) We are currently crushing on all things Fringe Supply Co.

Not in the mood for a bag? We've all been crushing big time on baskets! I have an African Market Basket from Tolt Yarn and Wool that is MY FAVE! I need more and I mean like 5 more! They are great for storing your projects, yarn and for bringing your current knitting projects with you in style!

Bonnie Project Bag Tutorial by VeryShannon.comNow the art of warm weather knitting is to be smart and choose a suitable project. For example - don't cast on a giant chunky wool sized blanket to bring around with you. Instead opt for something light and easily portable like a top, shawl, socks, sweater etc. It makes a world of difference when it's on your lap and in your bag.

Warm weather fibers are becoming more and more readily available. With cotton blends, linens and more in your LYS you cannot go wrong in knitting up that lovely summer tank for yourself this year with all the gorgeous yarns on the market! Our personal fave of the moments are Sparrow and Kestrel from Quince and Co. Linen only gets better the more you wear it so cast on now for a super lovely top to wear this summer!

One of my favorite things to use lately is my yarn caddy (or yarn buddy as shown here) as I like to call it. What the official name is for these I can't seem to figure out but they are AWESOME! Keeps my yarn from falling all over the place, keeps it clean, it's easier to knit and I bring it with me everywhere. What can I say - I love it.

A yarn bowl is also a stellar choice for keeping your yarn sand and dirt free! There are tons of stylish and modern yarn bowls available now and heck you could even make your own at your local pottery shop! That's what I plan on doing one of these days.

As any knitter knows we LOVE our notions as much as we love our knitting. Stitch markers, gauge tools, tape measures, scissors, cases and more - you can never have enough. The cooler and cuter the better! I have this adorable case to store my stitch markers and scissors in!

And with all those notions you definitely need a good pouch to keep them in! Sew yourself up some with a great tutorial or pattern (you can see ours here) or purchase a unique handmade one and show off those notions!

Knitting is always more fun with friends! Keep your skin protected out in the warm weather with sunscreen, your favorite pair of sunglasses and a rockin' hat! Meet some knitting pals on the beach or your favorite restaurant patio and soak up the fun!!!

So grab your needles, your fave bag, your coveted notions, some sunscreen and your sunnies and go bask in that gorgeous weather all summer long!

This post was brought to you by our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Official Sponsor - Quince & Co.!

Now....what are YOUR warm weather knitting neccessities? We're dying to know!!! Comment below with your faves!!!