Are you all ready for our Summer Sweater Knit Along STARRING YOU post? Wahoo! This is my fave part of the KAL! Getting to see all your awesome projects is so much fun! It's inspiring and just makes me so darn happy! So many gorgeous projects this year! 

Eased knit by  Mamatronic

Eased knit by Mamatronic

I adore our knit along community and all of you just make our KAL's more fun each year! It fills my heart to see such a loving and fun group of knitters and how much they each embrace each other and the knit alongs! 

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our moderators who help keep the KAL's running smoothly for me. They play such a big role in keeping our KAL's a success! So thank you to KCmomof2, Mamatronic, Trishknits, Fionafae, Ummashin, Mootastic1, Sdurank, & Celticcaston. And of course thank you to all of YOU! Without you all we wouldn't have our knit alongs so thank you for continuing to knit along with me each and every year!

And's YOU!!!! 

NEUTRALS // greys, beiges & soft muted tones


1) Nori knit by knitgrafitti 2) Boothbay knit by sisfay 3) Zacapa knit by nben46 4) Louise Light knit by dishclothdiva1 5) Oatmeal Pullover knit by SallyHP79 6) Campside Cardi knit by sparked 7) Basic Round Yoke knit by gummywormbelly 8) Georgetown knit by mellee821 9) Treasure Cardigan by AndeeKF 10) Cream Cattails knit by danarae19 11) Boothbay knit by Culabrat 12) Foyle's Cardigan knit by nben46 13) Wolf River knit by mei-balder

WARM // rich mustards, red & warm tones


1) Georgetown knit by melee821 2) Sunshower Cardigan knit by Highlanddancemom 3) From Way Back knit by karinamaza 4) Yakushima knit by DanaRae19 5) Harvest knit by needleworkreverie 6) Mix No. 13 knit by Brynnbrew 7) Nogat knit by DanaRae19

GREENS \\ warm + cool shades of green


1) Float knit by NeulistiMNK 2) Rolling Rock knit by Urbanizer 3) Season's Promise knit by lilpixie124 4) Phillipa knit by Lalouja 5) Raglan & Lace knit by ValentinaS 6) Flax knit by laragaudry 7) Lila knit by afar 8) Lake Effect knit by woolercoaster 9) Dubonnet knit by rhymeswithcount

BLUES \\ pales, darks & in between shades of blue


1) Oshima knit by dishclothdiva1 2) Hetty knit by Charlieandwendy 3) Antrorse knit by Highlanddancemom 4) Vale knit by purl3agony 5) Daffodil knit by tafeaulait 6) Ocean Waves knit by Purepurly 7) Campside Cardi knit by twinjadojo 8) Clarke knit by Trishknits 9) Birken knit by dishclothdiva1 10) Gemini knit by monicabwilson 11) Lemongrass knit by hype city

PURPLES + PINKS \\ purples, pinks & in betweens


1) Seacoast knit by Asteride 2) February Lady Sweater knit by lilpixie124 3) Ladies Classic Raglan knit by knorman13 4) Henri knit by Sewingonpins 5) Aibrean knit by tatiealexe 6) Polar Dip knit by tatiealexe 7) Campside Cardi knit by floooberry 8) Dragonflies Jumper knit by knorman19 9) Ease knit by monicabwilson

KIDS \\ children of all ages & sizes 


1) Atlas knit by KatColorado2 2) Playdate knit by KatColorado2 3) Bitty Birchbark knit by Marylymade 4) Mini Gale knit by Betsyjo 5) Ease knit by andeeKF 6) Abate knit by peanutshell 7) Camilla Babe knit by SallyHP79 8) Puddle Duck knit by rnmama 9) McDreamy Jumper knit by herriene

WOW! Aren't you guys awesome! Seriously!!!

And these are just some of the many fantastic projects that were completed in this year's SSKAL! You can see even more images in our hashtag #SSKAL15 feed on Instagram! You can also see more on our Summer Sweater Knit Along Homepage! You can find all the SSKAL posts, instagram feed, helpful information and more! 

Now, I know you're all dying to know about the winner's from last week's HUGE giveaway! Read below for the winner's of our sweet prize packages!!! A giant HUGE thank you again to all of our amazing and generous sponsors who spoil you guys! Make sure to show them some love! <3




WINNER: KatColorado2 (Rav ID)

  • BROOKLYN TWEED // 4 skeins of Quarry (colorways Gypsum, Alabaster, Sulphur & Serpentine) & 4 print patterns (Stowe Cardigan, Gelsomina Aran Pullover, Archer Hat, Wheaton Cable + Lace Scarf, Stole or Blanket)
  • POM POM QUARTERLY // 1 year print + digital subscription starting with Issue 14 (Autumn 2015)
  • FRINGE SUPPLY CO. // Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag
  • YOTH YARNS // 7 skeins of Big Sister - winner's color choice


WINNER: Afurg (Rav ID)


WINNER: Cassytom (Rav ID)

  • THE YARNIAD // $30 Gift Certificate to The Yarniad (Hilary Callis-Smith)
  • HAZEL KNITS // $40 Gift Certificate to Hazel Knits
  • RAINBOW HEIRLOOM // 4 skeins of Rainbow Heirloom Merino Light (sock weight) custom dyed to a colour of the knitter's choice
  • JANE RICHMOND // $25 Gift Certificate to Jane Richmond Designs
  • VERY SHANNON // $25 Gift Certificate to Very Shannon

Congratulations ladies!!!!! Such great prizes!!!! I'll be in touch over the next few days to arrange your prize packages!!! 

Don't be sad the SSKAL15 is over! Stick around our Ravelry Group and join in some of the other threads we chat in and watch for something knit along related for the holiday season coming soon + all our other surprise KAL's that pop up! 

What knit along's would you like to see in the next few months? We'd love to hear what fun themes you'd like to see! Let us know in the comments below!

This post is proudly sponsored by Brooklyn Tweed.