Ahhh....the joys of swatching. If you knit you know what I'm talking about. I used to be an avid hater of swatching....I'll admit it, I avoided it like the plague. But after a project that turned out wonky in my early twenties I learned my lesson the hard way. I've now since grown to enjoy the process and appreciate the time spent on making lovely swatches. Some become designs, some get unraveled to become a pretty project and some I just hold on to cause they are lovely to look at. It's taken me a few years to grow to respect, fully understand and embrace the enjoyment of this important process.

Hinterland Swatch on

There are moments in my days when swatching is like eating the most perfect piece of chocolate filled with layers! You wind up your skein (yum) then you slowly start to swatch. You get a feel for the fibre, you get to see how it looks, slowly yet surely, and then poof - the fabric created can bring the yarn to life!

In the pics shown above and below I was swatching with local to me yarn - Range by Hinterland. Dreamy doesn't even begin to describe it. I mean my yarn matched my outfit (I love when that happens), the sun was actually shining and my swatch felt like butter. Serendipitous. So I had to take some pics. 

But I'm not here to go on and on about "my" relationship with swatching - nope, I'm dying to hear about yours! Last week we had a fun convo going in my facebook group about swatching. It was so interesting to hear who loved it and who hated it and why they did. I couldn't help thinking it would be even more fun to bring it over to the blog. I love to chat on here too :) 

So grab a cup of coffee and tell me your thoughts on the swatch. Do you love/hate it? Do you fully understand the process of swatching? What things have formed your opinion on swatching? Yep, that's right - I want to hear all about it!