I've been working away behind the scenes re-arranging and redoing my office. It feels great to start fresh, organize and purge my creative space. When we moved into our house a year or so ago I literally unpacked haphazardly because I was so excited to have a room to work in! I didn't put much thought into the arrangement & flow and how it was going to be to really work in the space. 

yarn basket on

Needless to say it turned into a disaster. It was a big ol'messy pile of fabric and yarn and I couldn't use my sewing machine/serger even if I wanted to because my desks were such a mess. Thankfully the hubs had a great idea for a new layout in my small space and we set to work moving things around. It's taken me 2+ weeks so far to go through all my bins and cabinets and really clean things out. I'm still not done.


During this process what I learned was that I need to be more creative with my storage options. Instead of just using bags and totes I set out to pick up some new homes for all my wip's and yarn.  I really just need an office filled with baskets from Tolt Yarn & Wool (shown in first pic) - now that would heavenly!

In my office I have projects that I like to have access to all the time and I have a stash that I want to see and be inspired by that's within easy access. I picked up some white wire baskets (from Michaels - shown below) and some white rope baskets for these projects. The rest goes on my shelves in my office or in totes in another room. The fabrics that I use the most are all bolted (I used comic book card stock inserts) and on a shelf in my office as well. Larger ones are folded and stacked and the rest (the overflow) is in tubs. The trickiest one for me was fat quarters. I have a lot of those and I find them hard to store. So I picked up some adorable wood box like crates from Michael's that are the perfect size for putting fat quarters in. So they now have a new home :) The pic above also has yarn in a larger sized version of this wood crate. 

I'm working on putting together a post to "finally" show you all my work space! I can't wait for you to see it when it's done! I've got a few things to hang on the wall and some odds and ends and I'll get some pics on the blog for you guys to see! I'd love to see your creative spaces too!

I recently asked how you guys store and stash your yarn and fabric on Instagram last week & it was so fun to hear all the interesting answers so I knew I had to ask on the blog too :) So fill me in - how and what do you store you yarn stash and fabric in? Any fun ways you've found to stay organized and not overwhelmed?