It's time for my favourite part of our knit alongs - the Starring You post! I love going through all of your gorgeous finished projects and putting them all together in this post for you all to see! It's so fun to look at all of your hard work and smiling faces! This year's Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along was filled with so many awesome garments and looking back at all of your pattern choices I am so proud of you all! 

Favourite Summer Tee   by French Press Knits

Favourite Summer Tee by French Press Knits

I adore our knit along community and it fills my heart to see such a loving and fun group of knitters embrace each other, cheer each other on, learn/teach one another and overall just have a fun time!

I want to say a HUGE thank you to our moderators who help keep the KAL's running smoothly for me. They play such a big role in keeping our KAL's a success! So thank you to KCmomof2, Mamatronic, Trishknits, Fionafae, Ummashin, Mootastic1, & Sdurank. And of course thank you to all of YOU! Without you all we wouldn't have our knit alongs so thank you for continuing to knit along with me each and every year!

And's YOU!!!! 

1) May knit by   Mamatronic   2)   Improvised Summer Tank   by Halfcrystajline 

1) May knit by Mamatronic 2) Improvised Summer Tank by Halfcrystajline 

BLUES // from navy to teals

Tops, Tanks & Tees Collage - Blues #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Otherside knit by PattyMatt 2) Rippling Top knit by Monicabwilson 3) Bonny knit by weejo 4) 169-20 knit by purl3agony 5) Birdie Fair Isle Cardigan knit by AlleElskerAgnes 6) Portico knit by sbnyc 7) Penny Candy Tee knit by feathersandwool 8) Turks & Caicos knit by knitwin 9) Lush knit by Jadzeea 10) Henley T-Shirt knit by Kunklebaby 11) Imogen Tee knit by Cinciknitti

BRIGHTS // Pops of red, greens and orange

Linum Tee   knit by CatReading

Linum Tee knit by CatReading

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) 4-Square Tee knit by knitzincville 2) dijon top knit by class5knits 3) Luxa knit by Selfpreservation 4) Mishigami Pullover knit by RoHart 5) Improvised Sporty Tank by marielaar 6) Antonia/Antonio knit by EatBetter

Brigita knit by   dwj1978

Brigita knit by dwj1978

ROSE // pretty pinks & corals

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Napanee Halter knit by mamtronic 2) Make Up Your Mind knit by katriddell 3) Linum Tee knit by Monicabwilson 4) Braided Tank knit by madgiddy 5) Gemini knit by highlanddancemom

GREYS // all shades of greys & neutral

Vaara knit by   RandiKN

Vaara knit by RandiKN

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

UPPER HALF // 1) Airflow knit by KatColorado2 2) Flex knit by culabrat 3) Cap Sleeve Lattice Top knit by aknitbox 4) Better Than Basic Pullover knit by kbrtmyr 5) Waterlily knit by Cinciknitti 

LOWER HALF // 1) D'Azure knit by karinamaza 2) Brindille knit by DanaRae19 3) Lila Light knit by Branje 4) Togue Pond knit by AlisatheYarnista 5) Flex knit by huguenotknitter 6) Pippa knit by berrywarmknits 7) Lilacs by SunflowerKnit

PURPLE // from plum to lilac

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Blank Canvas knit by herrlene 2) Bridie knit by TrishKnits 3) Bonny knit by AlleElskerAgnes 4) Hamlin Peak knit by FluffyRuffle 5) May knit by ClaraPeggoty 6) Togue Pond knit by thesejoys 7) Lina knit by nestknitting  8) Bridie knit by Import

WHITE // creamy whites and beiges

Pasture knit by   mirrpond

Pasture knit by mirrpond

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Kai knit by ThisNightOwlKnits 2) Solana Cardigan knit by theknitpicky 3) Imogen Tee knit by evergreenviolet 4) Boardwalk knit by ohshedabbles 5) Bridie knit by marielecarter 6) Beach House knit by jaykayknits 7) Bonny knit by Muiche 8) Morning Mist knit by RoHart 9) Kit Camisole knit by knorman13 10) Camber knit by Icebebe

YELLOW // pops and tones of yellow

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16
Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Morning Mist knit by Breknits 2) Anyolite knit by madgiddy  3) Bonbon by HegeKlaseie 4) 170-4 knit by 1lullaby1 5) Rocky Coast Cardigan knit by Cinciknittin 6) Morning Mist knit by jaykayknits

KIDS // cute and bundled in handmade knits

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit along #tttkal #tttkal16

1) Imogen Tee knit by allidaniele 2) Knit by tgovias 3) Puerperium knit by rnmama 4) Spring Garden Tee knit by hypecity 5) Knit by tgovias


And these are just some of the many amazing projects that were completed in this year's TTTKAL! You can see even more images in our hashtag #tttkal #tttkal16 feed on Instagram and in our FO Thread for the TTTKAL in our Ravelry Group! You can find all the TTTKAL posts, instagram feed, helpful information and more on our Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along Homepage

Now, I know you're all dying to know about the winner's from last week's HUGE giveaway! Read below for the winner's of our sweet prize packages!!! A giant HUGE thank you again to all of our amazing and generous sponsors who spoil you guys! Make sure to show them some love! <3

Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along 2016 #tttkal #tttkal 16



WINNER: Valerie (Rav Id: KnitBugVal)


WINNER: Christine (Rav Id: WoolerCoaster)


WINNER: Lisa (Rav Id: Knitterthatgrew)

Congratulations ladies!!!!! Such great prizes!!!! I'll be in touch over the next few days to arrange your prize packages!!! 

Don't be sad the Tops, Tanks & Tees Knit Along is over! Stick around our Ravelry Group and join in some of the other threads we chat in and watch for the announcement for our biggest annual knit along of the year - Summer Sweater Knit Along! Yay! 

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