gobble, gobble

we had a great time over the "gobble, gobble" weekend so i thought i would inundate you with pics of our trip.

it was amazing to see how much mackie loved quadra island. we took a nice stroll before the turkey dinner on rebecca spit and she went wild! she ran the whole way. it was hilarious to see. she was captivated and invigorated. she is definitely an island girl. she got to have some fun time with grandma and we also got some great pics of all of us. i can only post so many on here before you all get sick of looking at our cute faces. if you do want to see more you can check out our photobucket page at:

we had a great dinner and it was nice to enjoy the peace and quiet of the island at jer's folks b&b. for anyone heading out that way their b&b can be found here. Nanci's paintings can also be found at her online gallery - http://www.firesignartanddesign.com/Gallery.htm.
thanks for the great print of your painting tracy! mackenzie loves it and we framed and hung it in her room. she makes a seal sound and says grandpa whenever she looks at it! too cute.

the drive home was filled with alot of rain and wind but we made it. we even got to stop at the superstore and i was super excited for that. i scored and hit a big clearance sale and got some new white vases, some neat glass pillar candle holders for the mantel and a new set of white dishes for a steal! i think my best deal was the set of drinking glasses for $1.98! you gotta love superstore.

i am stocking up for xmas. jer and i have decided to have all the xmas festivities at our house this year as we aren't going up to kitimat for the holidays. it was the only way i can keep from becoming depressed and phoning my family every hour bawling. instead i will cook and start some new traditions here for the baby. should be fun! i am already starting to plan the menu....mmmm..yummy!