i love halloween.

it was so much fun to become a kid again and experience trick or treating and all the fun of halloween all over again.

mack looked so cute as a ballerina and she was super excited all day to go out trick or treating. we headed first to meet jen, aaron and ava at the mall for "malloween". jer and i quickly realized this mall version of halloween sucked so we took off and headed for the streets for old style trick or treating!

we started off rough as poor little mack thought after she said trick or treat she got to go in the house. she grabbed some candy and then proceeded to go inside and take off her shoes. it was priceless! she had a big tantrum when we told her she couldn't stay...poor thing. it was hilarious. good thing she is a quick learner. after the 2nd house she was a pro with stellar door knocking, great vocals of "trick or treat", "thank you", "good night" etc...and she showed no fear - that is until the last house. the 2nd to last pic on here depicts her fear (or start of it). the house was over the top and freaked me out, never mind the crazy old guy who was giving out the candy. so we headed for home and as soon as we started walking, poof, our pretty little ballerina passed right out with exhaustion from all the fun. love it.

i can't wait until we have our own house. i am going to be the crazy lady on the street who goes all out with decorations and has the best candy! jer is humiliated already...haha.