love a good weekend

we had a great weekend.

we got to go out for breakfast on saturday, i got pampered and chopped off my hair, got to spend 3 precious hours alone downtown, had alot of laughs, a sticker fight, coloring, good food, a nice walk at beaver lake and some good old fashioned snuggling accompanied by many episodes of season 1 of brothers and sisters. all in all it was a fabulous weekend - thanks jer.

while i was out whacking off my hair jer took mackie out on an adventure. i thought i would post a few pics of them below as they turned out soooo cute.

oh and yes, more on the chopping of the hair. it felt great. i have been needing a new look and of course, being a hairdresser it was killing me to go around town everyday looking like sheat with my hair in a ponytail (totally unflattering). i had tried 2 hairsalons since moving to vic and have not been happy with either or my cuts. so the other week i found myself desperately bothering a girl in line at the local starbucks and asking her to please tell me who cuts her hair. i knew from the cut that the stylist was good. she gave me the name and thank god i remembered it. my hairdresser from vancouver, whom i love, is no longer working and so i thought why not give this girl in town a shot. upon meeting my new fave hairdresser we realized what a small world it is and that we both know mandy (my old hairdresser) and the receptionist is mandy's best friend. i knew it was fate. this is a perfect example to me to always follow my gut. it was embarrassing to bother a perfect stranger, but it paid off in the end because i am in LOVE with my hair. if you live in town and need a wicked stylist please check out ashley at the fix on johnston street. she kicks hairdresser ass and i am picky picky picky.

while they were off gallivanting around victoria i was also luxuriating in a few home decor stores and then found myself in value village for a good hour rummaging. it was great fun. here are a few pics of some of my goodies:

a set of four bowls and four small plates to go with my new white set that i picked up the other week.

new flour and sugar canisters that i fell in love with (sorry for the bad photo)