felt hair barrettes

i decided to spruce up some of mackenzie's barrettes yesterday. i think the hairdresser in me came out and i couldn't stand looking at her everyday, plain jane, hair clips any longer. she needed some pizazz!

i have seen some tutorials online for this kind of thing before but never wanted to cover the whole hair clip with ribbon. i like the flower pattern on her barrette so i thought i would leave them exposed and wing it on the rest.

it seems that most people glue the flower together (or accessory of choice) and then glue that to the barrette. well, i was too lazy to go down to our storage room and dig through all my craft bins to find my stinkin' glue gun that i keep meaning to bring upstairs so i decided to attach my flowers a different way.
here is how i made them. the instructions aren't that detailed, i apologize. i ran out of time photographing. if anyone would love a tutorial on these please let me know and i would be more than happy to whip one up for you.

step one: i cut out the various flower petal layers (do as many as you choose, the more the merrier) from felt - you could use fabric here as well if you choose to but i would think it should be a stiff fabric or the petals will wilt.

step two: lay the petals on top of each other in the desired order. i then sewed a few stitches in the center to attach the layers together.

step three: pick up the barrette. place the flower on the barrette near the non-opening end. you will need to have some kind of decorative object here to either sew through, such as a button or a bead to cover your sewing. place the button in the center of the flower and then sew through the button holes and in between the barrette bar that opens. you should be able to slide this on and off if you choose too. that is what makes this so fun! i can mix them up if i want. i am a gemini after all, so we like to mix things up alot.

step four: wear it!!!! so easy to make, and mackenzie loves them. the possibilities are endless with these things and i didn't have to use my glue gun.

do you think it's cheesy for a grown up to wear these? next thing you know i will be at mommy group with a princess crown on, flower barrettes and my librarian glasses - the mommy jeans are just around the corner.

p.s. i was fiddling around in photoshop and thought they looked like real flowers in this shot. yes, i know this is cheesy and my hubby laughed at me for doing it, but i couldn't help but post it.