naughty librarian?

my eyes are going kaput. i fear that now i am in my 30's my eyes have just decided to say screw you, we're tired, we need a rest.

funny thing is i didn't think being tired could affect my eyes. but seriously now, what mother isn't tired? c'mon now, it's a given that if you have children (i don't care how many you have) you are tired. you are more tired than you are energized and the energized moments come from a great (very strong) cup of coffee.

i had been noticing my eyes were saying f** you on a regular basis so jer finally told me to stop whining and go see the eye doctor. i am embarrassed to say i have never been. not sure why not, i just figured i was fine. so i went to get my eyes checked the other weekend and low and behold i need glasses for reading and for using the darn computer.

while at my appointment with - let's just call him mister i don't have kids and can party all night, be late for my patient and then whine about how tired i am - i discovered that being a mom (thus being tired) can cause eye strain. he said that i needed to get more sleep. i nearly fell out of my chair, had a good laugh and then wanted to slap the bugger. more sleep? really? who woulda known?

seriously, i don't think he will ever tell a patient who is a mother again they need more sleep. i gave him a sweet, friendly reminder that he shouldn't tell a sleepless mother that they need more sleep after he just finished telling me how tired he was from being up late the night before, geez.

mister (insert swear words) then asked me about my computer usage. i told him i have a blog and type on the computer often (which isn't that much considering i have a toddler running around) and he then said - "let me guess, it's a mommy blog?" what a jerk. he was a nice jerk though. he fixed my eyes and put up with me nagging him about how he should enjoy his sleep while he can still get it and so on.

jer and i had a good time (ya right) trying to find me glasses while toting a soon to be two year old around through store after store filled with pretty, reflective, breakable things. not such a good idea. it took us a long time, and both of us looked as though we had fought a huge battle and not won when we were done.

now i have my new glasses at home and i am sitting here enjoying how writing on here no longer gives me a headache, only my mommy tiredness does, and thinking i look a little bit like a naughty librarian while my daughter runs around yelling "i had a poo poo, i had a poo poo". just a regular ol'day in our mommyhood.