i'm reading...

please check out betsy greer's site craftivism. if you have ever wondered about doing something more with your knit goods this book is the answer. Betsy believes that "everytime we knit, we have the opportunity to create positive change in ourselves, our community, and in the world". her website is full of a lot of wonderful ideas and links to some great organizations.

i love the idea behind this book and it does my heart good to see someone write about it. the book is filled with insights from other fellow knitters and crafters on how they use craft to benefit others. i am sure we have all sat at our stitch n' bitch meetings and pondered and conversed about what else we could be doing with our knitting and thankfully this book answers those questions.

the book is written in three parts:

part one - knitting for yourself

part two - knitting for your community

part three - knitting for the world

there is so much good we can all do with our passion for this wonderful craft and betsy's book gives us the guidance we need to start picking up those needles and knitting for loved ones we may not know we love yet. and you know we can all use a little love - especially some handmade love.

p.s. yep, there are patterns in the book too!!!