i finally found it (or it found me)

i have been hunting for weeks on used victoria for a small desk for me to use for sewing, crafting, art and all other goodness i get up to when not busy being a mommy/wife.
i had found one i fell in love with but the seller wouldn't respond. i am assuming either it was sold, or she just thought it was weird that i was stalking her via email over an old, broken down desk. i will never know...haha.
my luck changed on sunday though. we headed out to metchosin to see jer's grandma and family for the day. during our visit jer mentioned he thought he had found me a sewing table. he brought me downstairs to see what is now my "new baby". it was almost identical to the one i was stalking some girl over. now that's what i call fate! it needs some massive tlc, but i am just the momma to give it to. thanks so much grandma joan!
jer's dad helped me get a new top for the desk due to the current one being broken and all busted up. we are going to replace the top, sand her down and paint her up all nice. to top off how elated i was over the desk, there were even vintage sewing patterns and gorgeous buttons inside the drawers! i am over the moon!
i will do another post about the desk when it's all done. i can't wait to whip out the paint brush!

the old top that we are replacing