purse size tissue holder

it was a friends bday yesterday and it was just the excuse i needed to try out this purse size tissue holder tutorial from skip to my lou. it's simple, easy and a great stash buster to make. my sister wants one now and so do i.

i used some material i had left over from mackenzie's chair cushion covers that were originally a pillow cover from the dollar store and then lined the inside with material from some cute pajama bottoms.

i love repurposing objects and i am finding it more and more addicting the more projects i do. (that was a little "more" love fest) it's a creative challenge but a fun and exhilarating one. why throw out or donate something when you can repurpose it and use it to make something you will love. you loved it enough to buy it once before so why not keep the love alive?

speaking about love, this weekend we are enamoured by:

the kooks album - konk
(go ahead and check out the 2 disc special edition, it's sooo worth it)

i can't seem to listen to this album enough. it came out last spring, but it is one of my fave groups to listen to while in the midst of my crafting madness. i love sewing up a storm to these guys.

and while i am it i might as well throw in some:

i hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. i am gonna go get back to mine :)