in another life

in another life jason mraz would be my husband. yes, i know george clooney or brad pitt would be acceptable as well, but mrazie is my first wish.

i have loved this man's sense of humour, songwriting and over the top vocal skills since he came on the college scene eons ago. i have seen him live, many times, and i am not ashamed to admit i pushed teeny boppers out of my way to get to the front of the stage just to ogle him. i cherish a shirt, bearing his name, that he signed "jason loves shannon". yes, i made him write that, but i got to whisper in his ear when i asked. what a moment.

i saw him on ellen the other morning and what a way to wake up that was. man, i wish i was colbie caillat just so i could stand next to him. i was happy to see him finally nominated for a grammy. he is one of those artists that studio recordings just can't seem to capture the essence of how great he is live on stage.

anyway, i am sorry to go on about this stud muffin, but i couldn't help myself. my hubby knows about my love crush on jason, but i know i am not alone. i have a few other girlfriends who would fight me tooth and nail for a chance with mrazie. one almost named her son after him. that is the power mrazie has over us ladies. it's the humour. a wicked sense of humour will get you every time.