framing treasured picture books

do you have a book you loved as a child that is falling apart and you want to hold on to the memory? i am lucky enough to have had a mom who kept all my treasured books as a child to pass down to my kids. i was a big reader and still am. thankfully my daughter is the same way. she loves her books.

the images from the book "bow wow! meow! a first book of sounds" from the little golden book series were some of my favorites as a child. unfortunately our copy is falling apart. i have tried to fix it, but to no avail. i decided to turn it into a piece of decorative art for mackie's room instead. we took a simple wood frame from ikea and painted it to match the colors in her room. i took my fave pic out of the book (yes, it hurt me to cut it up) and popped that pretty, little sucker in a frame.

now every time i go in her room i find myself drawn to that picture and to the feeling of the fond memories that wash over me. she wakes up in the morning and has taken to carrying it around the house saying "pretty". she must agree with me. the picture reminds me of my daughter and of all those little moments when we take the time to relish in the beauty of the things around us, especially when they are brand new.