floor mat pattern

i finally got the last of my ebay fabric orders. mackenzie was so excited when she saw the alexander henry 2-d zoo print. she likes to sit and name all the animals and count them. i originally purchased the fabric with the intent of making throw pillows for her crib/room to go with the quilt i am making. but now that mackenzie has set her sights on it, she keeps asking me to lay in on the floor so she can sit and play with it.

what to do? i am thinking of turning it into a cozy, comfy mat for by her crib. she can sit and play on it, and my hubby can fall asleep on it when putting her to bed at night. both ways and i am a winner. now all i need is some idea of how to go about it. i am not gonna pretend that i am more than a beginner sewer here people, so i did what i always do and searched online. i was surprised to find a lack of patterns on this particular item. maybe it is so easy i don't need one? not too sure yet, i may go along the lines of this project at sew mama sew.

right now i am leaning towards sewing it to a fleece style material and putting batting in between? any advice for me out there? any patterns anyone knows of? let me know.

on my hunt i did come across this super, stylish nap mat for toddlers! i want one of these! you can find the free tutorial for the mat here.