how to turn fabric scraps into a necklace

(image courtesy cakies)

in our house there is never a shortage of fabric scraps or old clothes to turn into fabric scraps, so when i spot a craft project that i can actually use to rid myself of these little piles, i am one happy momma. i adore a lovely white summer top and think that these great fabric necklaces just add that pretty pop of color we are all looking for during this season.

i have seen some of these around in the last few months but hadn't spotted a tutorial until now. you can find the tutorial here at cakies. these seem so easy and fun to make. i like it when a craft can be the more the merrier. why stop at one, when you can make five? or three? or 10? knock yourself out, make a bunch, give em' to friends. heck, adorn yourself in them.

is it just me or does that first pic make you want to sit on the beach in mexico, in your flip flops, all tanned and content, sipping a cool, refreshing corona?

what do you guys think? have any of you made these before? would you make these?

(image courtesy cakies)