view from the mommyhood - sunshine!

i love this pic even though she's straight and the horizon is very slanted.

yummy, loving the apple

it has been amazingly gorgeous out! the weather is hot! i don't mean like 7 degrees, but more like 18-20! i was roasting in a pair of capris and a long sleeved tee. i can't even begin to explain how good it felt to soak up some sunshine. mackenzie and i headed outdoors for most of the day for some walks, and a long picnic in the park and it sure felt good to not be cramped up inside. much to our surprise, it's supposed to be even warmer today, so i probably won't be blogging until later tonight. i can't resist the sun, it's calling to me, and who knows how long it will last?

any of you been out in the sunshine?