goop cookie roundup & a middle of the night snack mantra

i got hooked on gwyneth paltrow's website "GOOP" about a month or so ago and had to share this yummy cookie roundup she has this week. MAKE features her favorite cookie recipes - watch out though, there are no waist line friendly goodies in this listing. I truly wouldn't even believe ol'gwynnie even eats cookies she's so slim, if I hadn't seen her eat the way she does on her show "Spain - On the Road Again".

it's somehow sickeningly fulfilling to watch a skinny celebrity chow down on some high caloric, fat filled food. isn't it weird how the world works? you feel guilty for feeling happy that she might gain a pound or two and somehow it just makes it that much more ok for you to go eat some high calorie foods saying to yourself in the middle of the night as you stand in front of the fridge preparing to chow down and throw all your workouts that day out the window "well if gwyneth can eat it and stay slim than i can too" mantra. the mind works in mysterious ways.

what are your thoughts? do you feel the same way? do you have a middle of the night snack mantra?