moments in the mommyhood - baseball, soccer & a sneak peek tutorial

jer oiled it all up and is shaping it to the ball

we finally found a baseball glove that fit my little hands this weekend. it has taken us about 2 years to find a glove that i feel comfortable with. we're super excited to go out and throw the ball. only thing stopping us is this nasty little thing called "a cold" that seems to be biting me on the ass. don't worry, i'm running...i don't want it. cross your fingers for me, i'm not a fast runner :P

new tutorial in the works....can't wait to show you guys! green is the word for this project.

i got a baseball glove and mackenzie got her first toddler sized soccer ball and she is in love! we figured out the other weekend the kid's got a helluva kick on her so we figured we better get her a better ball than her cheap $2 dora blow up from walmart. her and jer have been playing nonstop every night and the park.