moments in the mommyhood - so that's what they get up to when i'm not around

found these pics on the camera the other day and it was another of those "so that's what they do when i'm not around moments" when i wonder how the heck my little girl got so darn dirty......

it's cute when you find the pictures but not so cute when they get home and you are the one who has to clean her once white, clean shoes and both of their sets of muddy it just me or am i not alone in my thinking? at least the park picked flowers my hubby gets her to bring home for me take away some of the shock, hey wait, maybe that's part of their plan???

well before i finish up, here's a quick update on the little bean, this pic is me at 27 weeks - almost the 3rd trimester...eeek!!!! this baby is sooo active, always a kicking and a moving. i had to go for that horrible glucose screening test today and my 2nd lovely rh negative shot - so fun! yeah right. yuck! at least they improved the taste from when i had to take it when i was preggers with mackenzie, it tasted like chalk then and i almost hurled it at the nurse. this time i kept it down, but it was still nasty.

i don't drink pop, so this stuff was killer for me to chug in under 10 minutes. well at least i wasn't alone, there were 2 other preggos in the wait room and we might as well have cheered each other and pretended they were tequila shots and downed the nasty, sugar filled liquid. it's always fun to have someone to commiserate with, even if the after effect isn't a nice alcohol buzz but a tiring sugar high. maybe the baby had fun? i know i sure didn't, oh the joys of pregnancy.

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