moments in the mommyhood - baby bliss

here's a look at our new little girl harper helena mae...........

(ok, it's hard to capture on camera, but harper has the longest eyelashes i have ever seen on a baby. i keep wiping her eye thinking she has a hair stuck to it, but nope, it's the long eyelashes...she's a lucky lady)

proud daddy..................

and we can't forget about big sister.............

and i would show you pics of myself but that ain't happening...hahaha. i look like something a dog upchucked a few times and then jumped around's nasty. you don't want to see it - trust me. i seriously think i could just jump right into a twilight movie and be part of the cullen family i am so pale from the drop in my iron, plus, why didn't anyone worn us moms that when you have a c-section you are left with this horrible overhang??? WTF?? what is that?

i seriously freak out every time i look at myself in the mirror...and yes, i know i have a beautiful baby now and trust me when i say i am overjoyed with my baby, but why the overhang??? isn't it bad enough we are in pain, bleeding, lactating and seriously lacking in sleep? ok...i'm whining, i know. i never thought i would be able to have kids so i am truly blessed and very thankful, but i am not thankful for another surgery to add to my messy medical history, another horrible recovery, another nasty scar...and of course, the overhang :) i'm moving on now, or at least i'm going to attempt to (there may be future posts/rants though..haha).

thank you for all your kind words, comments, emails and parcels - you are all soooo sweet! it truly means a lot to us. it's been a tough few weeks for me and i'm still not feelin that great and we are on week 3. yep, week 3! my harper is 3 weeks old today...ummmm, i think time flew by even faster than with the first baby. did michael j. fox come visit me and time warp my life a bit cause it sure feels like it.

harper is doing fabulous (not to brag) and is weighing (on tuesday) 9lbs 6 1/2 oz and eating like a champ. she's been living up to her name and we swear she sings in her sleep. she makes these noises that are notes that are so on pitch i just know she is going to be musically inclined. she's been great and i just love her to bits and think she is, of course, the most gorgeous baby girl ever, thus my long post of pics of her....i know y'all wanted to see her right? of course you did..hahaha.

i will end this now though, and i promise to keep my c-section rants to a minimum but in the meantime all you ladies out there with tips on how to get by when the help is gone and you are still gibbled and not feeling great with a toddler and a new baby at home your advice would be sooooo very welcome at the moment :) please share your wisdom with me below...please...haha.

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