makin'it in the mommyhood - pinwheel quilted coasters & vintage find love affairs

what happens when one lonely lemon and one lonely orange meet up? they fall in love. awww, so cute. they then shine just that much brighter and add that perfect pop of color to my new vintage finds that i picked up at the antique/collectibles & retro show this weekend! my lovely delphite glassware reamer and new pyrex sunflower (or daisy?) casserole dish. so bright, fresh and summery. exactly what i need when it's dreary, rainy and friggin nasty out. ahhhhh, yep, that's it....a little more to the right....i can almost feel the sunshine.

some lovely old buttons also found their way to my sewing desk. cannot wait to add one of these lovelies onto a new bag or a cute dress for one of the girls.

i also finished another sewing project - yay me! (insert me high fiveing myself) i have a little love affair with handmade coasters and it's one of my fave go to gifts. it was jer's grandma's bday last week so i decided to try a new pattern and make her a set for her bday. i used the pinwheel quilted coasters tutorial from the fab blog "the long thread".

i'm a new quilter (just learning) so i thought i would give the pinwheel pattern a go as practice for doing a quilt with this type of block. i have realized during my short time quilting that i am the worst cutter known to man. i seriously suck at cutting. cutting the pieces for these coasters alone resulted in many hours of wasn't pretty and the hubs was scared. i really need to invest in getting a good rotary cutter. maybe that will help. i've been meaning to get one but wanted to make sure that i really enjoyed quilting before i invested in one. anyone recommend a good one?

i did have fun making them in the end and found it quite hard to part with them. they would have looked great in my living room. guess i'll have to add them to my gigantic "to make" list where the projects for me are always at the bottom...haha.

i know this post was supposed to be a link luv roundup but i just couldn't resist showing some pics of the vintage find love affair. hope you didn't mind :) do you have a thing for coasters too? a love for pyrex or all things vintage? leave me a comment and/or a link so we can all chat!

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