moments in the mommyhood - sufferin' succotash

i'm amazed at the fact that my baby girl is going to be 4 months old next week. really people, where the heck has the time gone? i can't figure it out. it's all a blur and i tried so very, very hard to remember all those little moments yet they are already fading. she's sitting, singing, rolling, and the best of all - having huge laughing fits! it's priceless and oh so adorable. we've been very lucky to have been blessed with such a good baby. she sleeps great and we hardly ever hear her cry.

she's usually a very calm, and happy baby until she wants boob. then watch out folks. her patience level is short when it comes to her food. i'm a bit scared about that for when she get's older but for now, we're loving the sleep and the smiles. i think it was because her birth was so traumatic that it evened out..haha, and maybe also because mackenzie (she was a very happy baby as well) never slept well and still doesn't. so goes the old myth that they get easier as they get older...ya right. come live with my kid..haha.

we spent the long weekend doing what i call "home organization 2010" to get ready for the hubby starting up school on top of work again. we are trying to streamline and simplify the whole condo. we spent 3 days doing chores and we pretty much only got the kids room done. yuck. yuck. yuck. wtf? i think it's going to take me 3 weeks and not 3 days. that's what happens when you have a 2 kids and live in a 2 bedroom condo. thank god i have storage downstairs or i would be insane at this point.

i'm planning on doing some furniture rearranging next week too and have a post getting ready that i will need your guys help with so stay tuned for that. it's time for me to get my sewing stuff in order and more functional and for my family to actually be able to eat at our table. it's getting pretty bad. are any of you living like this? are the ironing board and your iron the newest members of your family? any tips?

this week has also been a bit tough for me with my recovery. i know i haven't talked about the birth story at all on here and probably won't (long story) but i have talked about how long it has taken me to start to feel normal again. i was just turning the corner and starting to feel like "me" again - walking, exercising, getting out and about, not so tired and then wham. i did too much on friday. i felt it when i did it and have paid the price for the last few days. i know there are some new readers here on the site and it's been a long time since i mentioned the fact that i have endometriosis.

you can read more about my experiences in a post i wrote called "5 ways to parent when you aren't at your best" last year and when i started to feel pretty crappy i went back and read it. it helped me through and i survived. my heating pad is my friend and during times like those i love that i have this blog. it makes me feel less mad and angry at my body and draw comfort in the fact that i am not alone and that we all have each other to lean on. whether it's for an illness, a loss (hugs to c.l. - you know who you are), loneliness, happiness, or for those bad/good mommy days, this blogging community never ceases to amaze me. i heart you guys and thank each and every one of you for reading.

if any of you are going through something or need to share please comment. this blog is for us to have conversations. i try to reply to all of your comments in the comments section for this reason. i think it helps all of us feel as though we are chatting and sharing. i love that. it's fun for me and i hope it's fun for you as well. don't ge me wrong, i do email some of you directly when it's personal or you ask me a question, but i've also tried to create a neighbourhood of sorts here for us, and what fun would it be to not know at least 1 of your neighbours right? so talk amongst yourselves, talk to me, heck talk to yourself. it's all cool in the mommyhood.

do you suffer from endometriosis or know someone who does? are you dealing with a chronic illness while trying to take care of your kids? are you like me and taking a long time to heal after a difficult birth experience? get your coffee/tea out, let's get our chat on :)

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