moments in the mommyhood - a swinging good time

the weekend that i thought may not be a good one turned out to be pretty alright. the scattering of one very, very, very large tantrum threatened to damper our day but we made it through unscathed and enjoyed the rest of our days off. i'm sure you can all relate to the dreaded tantrum who looms around every corner just waiting to eat happy little kids for a yummy snack....i don't like that mr. tantrum.

we hit up a local rummage sale with some friends and then had a nice walk in the sunshine with the hubs and yes, enjoyed a half price starbucks - i'm sad it's over but i milked it while it was around. we couldn't resist sticking little harper in the swing for her first swing ride. yep, i know she's 9 months and she's never been in the swing....what can i say, i avoid the park like the plague unless i have to be there. harper had a big weekend because she also took her first steps!!!! oh my baby isn't such a baby anymore. pretty soon she's gonna be running everywhere and my days of sewing while become even more few and far between..hahaha.

sunday we were lucky to get sun again...i'm hoping this means spring is around the corner. we enjoyed some more park time and swim lessons followed by a yummy roast in the slow cooker (thanks for all the tips/recipes from the facebook crowd). now, if only i had been able to sleep through the night...or even slept for 4 hours without being woken up by one kid or can't even think about it. forget the food, the thought of sleep is enough to cause a substantial amount of drool in my mouth and a recurring longing in our house. a longing for sleep that probably won't come to realization until my kids are 18 and even then i sometimes wonder if it will :)

how was your weekend? what did you get up to? do you avoid mr. tantrum like the plague too?