the post was late...late for a very important date...

well today's post was supposed to be a fantabulous giveaway from one of the sweetest author/bloggers i know - jenny wilding cardon from the new book resew: turn thrift store finds into fabulous designs. we've got a great interview filled with tips, pics and refashioning goodness. jenny is also our newest moms in the mommyhood (back by popular demand)! we decided that while we did the interview i would also do a book review and a giveaway for all of you. but whatdoya per usual any snail mail coming from the states to good ol' canada (we really aren't that far away) takes FOREVER! i mean forever. my fabric takes forever, my orders for lovely goodies take forever....why, oh why postperson do you torture us so? and you wonder why we end up using ups or purolater???

so all you wonderful readers stay tuned.....jenny's post will be up soon and it's lots of fun so you don't want to miss it! plus you guys are not gonna wanna miss a chance to win a copy of her book! here's a little video clip to tide you over. ohhhh....ahhhhhhh...doesn't it make you just want to take your thrifting to a whole new level?

you can read more about jenny and her adorable family on her blog the wildcards, follow along with the rest of jenny's blog tour (i'm so excited to be among these fab blogs) and if you can't wait to win a copy of resew pick up your own now right here.

what's your favorite item to refashion? what do you love the most about thrifting? are you excited that "moms in the mommyhood" is back?