room with a new view

do you ever get sick of staring at the same view day after day while breastfeeding?  we sit day after day, hour after hour breastfeeding and looking at the same darn view.  i know, i could change rooms, but i like to nest and i have my fave spot on the couch, my fave end so to speak and i nest there.  i've got my drinks (water, coffee), my remotes, snack, nail clippers (for the baby), my laptop & table it's on(piled high with dayplanners and sketchbooks/ring binders), my knitting and of course - the "view".  

i have a basic circle mirror from ikea hanging above my mantle that was just missing some va va voom.  i didn't know what the heck to do with it, but it's been driving me batty.  i was going to take it down but for some reason just couldn't bring myself to do it.

remember this wreath?  well it was the size of a grocery story pizza box.  just right for a holiday decoration but it just didn't seem to have enough oomph once all the decorations were down.  it looked too lonesome where i had it.  again, i found myself torn...wanting to keep it up but unable to find the right home for it.  then inspiration hit me.  why not do the same thing on the mirror?

so i took the leaves off the cardboard and simply attached them to the mirror instead.  ohhh, sticky tape i do love you.  i had to cut out more leaves but it was just a fun project to do with mackenzie.  we cut and stuck our pretty white paper leaves to our boring mirror and shazam a new view.  gotta love that.  now while breastfeeding i feel inspired just that little bit more to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new.  even repurposed items can be repurposed.  i  so love that. 

Say cheese!
so get inspired ladies.  don't settle for the same ol' boring view.  mix it up.  move something around, turn something into something else.  just make "your nest" a happy place.  where do you "nest"?  what's your fave view while breastfeeding?  take a pic, leave a comment - let's chat!