catching up on the thirfty goodness

i cannot even explain how excited i was to find another snowflake dish to go in my set and for it to be one of the large casserole dishes with the lid!!! to top off how happy and giddy i already was with my find it was on sale!$!##!! score for me! i couldn't believe my luck! i'm so obsessed with this line it made my month to find it!

the new dish goes with the other 2 turquoise beauties i have. they will always be my faves...sorry other know i love you all too :P

i also picked up another fire king dish to match the other 2 i have now (thanks mom). i love this line and hope to find some more. i have a casserole and 2 round ones now.

i've also been drawn to the white pyrex line lately. something about it's simplicity that i'm attracted too. so i finally caved and picked up a large mixing bowl size. needless to say the hubs is starting to freak out about where i'm going to put all of these. i said they are for my dream kitchen..haha and that it's no big deal, i could be buying $200 pairs of shoes but instead i'm buying $8 vintage kitchenware and he let me be.

i've been lucky and found a few new king sized sets of vintage sheets at my local fave haunt as well and you all know how i love me a vintage sheet find! i recently got gifted a huge bin filled with vintage sheet goodness as well! i won't bore you with a gazallion pics of them so let's just say they were yummy! one of my faves is the duvet below.

totally off vintage topic i picked up some new spools of ribbon at michael's and they've been sitting all pretty on the "ironing board monster" inspiring me galore and taking away the horror of the mess that surrounds them. aren't they cute? i'm super in love with the poppy i nuts for loving it so much?

what have you all been finding inspiration in lately that's sitting in your house? any vintage finds you've scooped on lately? you know i love to see pics! share them below or post on our facebook page. it's exciting to see your thrifty goodness too!

p.s. new to pyrex? check out this post for lots of links, inspiration and info on pyrex.