makin'it in the mommyhood - carefree

a little girl needed a new dress for her 4th bday and she wanted to be able to run, play, skip and jump in it. so i decided to make a pattern from a book of mine "carefree clothes for girls: 20 patterns for outdoor frocks, playdate dresses, and more" by junko okawa. i love the simplicity of the designs in this book and thought they fit perfectly for my taste and what mackenzie wanted.

i decided to try my hand at the pattern "dress with lace doily". instead of making the dress in a natural cotton like i had intended i decided to use a print i picked up from ikea and omitted the doily...i know...i omitted a doily - crazy hey! it was too busy for the dress. i also decided to add the bias trim to finish the dress instead of following the pattern instructions for a more unfinished look. most of making this dress went smoothly but i did have a few oopsies. i forgot to add the seam allowance myself when cutting/tracing the pattern which ended up ok due to how tiny my girl is and i also changed a few of the finishing instructions half way through as i preferred to finish my seams a different way so half of the dress sort of bugs me where you can see the zig zag stitching.

overall though i love the dress. my favorite part is the button and the button loop. i used this fab tutorial from the oh so talented ysolda tseague to sew up the pretty closure. i love it! i'll definitely be using this more often!

the best part about sewing this dress - she loves it and it's proven to be the perfect dress to twirl in, jump in, play in and just be an active 4 year old girl in.

what have you all been making lately? any patterns you've tried and loved? i haven't forgotten to show pics of the dress i made for mack's friends bday but i'm waiting to get pics done still. any patterns you've been dying to make and haven't had a chance yet? let's talk sewing ladies!