moments in the mommyhood - tutus & bubbles

we finally got a day on the weekend with the hubs and this is what we got up to....

lots of playing in the sunshine at a local park that we like to affectionately call "our backyard". we live in a condo so green space is a treat for us and this is our fave place to go to let the kids run wild without worrying about streets, cars and too many pedestrians. i even got some knitting done while the kidlets & their dad ran amuck. i'm just finishing the neck strap for harper's hat....i'm so close to being done i can almost taste it! we let harper and mack run free (so adorable to see harper trotting along after big sis), the bubbles go wild and the tutus were out in full swing! aren't those tutus so friggin cute!? my lovely fellow canadian friend laura of the blog "on the laundry line" and shop of the same name sent up for the kidlets. she'll have more in stock in her shop after the 7th in case you want your wee ones to sport them too. she also has a giveaway going on right now for a shop credit. click here to enter for your chance to win!

things have been busy over here with lots of family in town and another bday looming. i have to admit i'm pooped. the house has beat me down again..haha. even after having some help come in to clean a bit it's conquered me. i'm sure i'm not the only one feeling this way, it's that time of year. i keep having nightmares about being buried alive under my laundry...seriously, it's sad folks. i feel the need to do a big purge and clean. i also am ready to have the hubs around a bit more again. i'm exhausted. we get a few days this week with no school/overtime for him so we are going to take advantage of it. if posts come up a bit late in the mornings around here you'll know why. i may have actually gone to bed before midnight :)

i've been super busy working on a free pattern coming your way for grosgrain this month as well as trying to get the final 2 roundups done for versus! i've got lots of pics to take of stuff i've been sewing during the last month and also some new vintage goodies i've found the last few weekends! i've also got a special post coming this week for you too and i'm crossing my fingers i'll be able to join in on elsie marley's kids clothes week next week :)

what have you all been up to? anyone else getting beat by their household chores? missing their partners? you all planning on joining in on kid's clothes week too? let's chat ladies...i've missed ya!