quilting 911 - sewing the zigs and the zags

i've started sewing the zigs and the zags!  weeee! i was so happy to finally have some time to work on my zig zag quilt at my modern sewing group on sunday.  what i wasn't happy to find out was that it was going to take me soooooo long to trim the corners of my hst's. wowsa! massively time consuming, or at least it was for me...lol.

these are the parts i don't enjoy about quilting but then you all know how crappy i am with a rotary cutter and that cutting is my least favorite part of any craft..lol.  i literally got only 3 rows all stitched up at the group and attached the 4th row this morning.  it took me way longer than i thought. 

i LOVE the sewing of the quilt though.  i really enjoy sitting down at the machine with a big stack of squares and sewing them all together.  it's methodical, rewarding and so much fun.  i'm addicted.  i just don't like doing the grunt work that leads up to it - i need the fairy craft mother to come in and do all my cutting for me.  the step that i'm most excited about is the quilting.  i'm dying to put that quilt sandwich together and give er'!!!

i'm planning, for the moment, on doing 1/2" lines following the zig zags on either side of the seam.  i've seen a few done like this online and love the look that it created on the front and back of the quilt.  so purdy.  one thing i am pondering right now is the color to do that and also if i should add a border to the quilt.  now that my rows are stitched up i realized that the quilt may be too small for my liking.  my only worry is that the border would detract from the style of the zig zags. what do you guys think?  would you add a border?  what color would you quilt in? or leave it be?  my backing fabric has a print that i think would not look good on the front as well.  wouldn't like it. 

doesn't it look like a stained glass window in the sunlight?  sorry....couldn't resist the pic....caught my eye while and i thought it was cool.

now don't judge me on my ironing.  the rows are not pressed perfectly yet.  i got a tad lazy at the very end and haven't pressed them all perfectly after i sewed the rows together so everything is slightly poofy still.  i did good with my ironing for everything else.  it was nice being able to work on this in a big space with room to move and lots of equipment.  i just don't seem to work on my quilts at home due to lack of space etc. it makes it even more time consuming.  i just don't know where i would fit myself in my condo while working on it.

so i've got 6 rows left to do and in those six rows i still have to trim the hst squares :(  but then i get to sew! yippee! and that part goes fast and then i'll have a quilt top! yeehaw!!!! so excited!  and you know what comes after this quilt is done? one for me!!!  yay!!! this one is for my daughter but momma's gotta have a quilt for herself too right? i'm dying to get mine started. it's been waiting for almost 2 years now.  so the faster i get this one done the faster i get to work on a big one for momma.

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what quilty goodies have you guys been working on?  do you love hst's too?  any tips on how to trim the squares really quickly?  i could use them :)  what color would you quilt this in? white?