moments in the mommyhood - adventures with daddy

i had one of those nights last night where i felt like my home had just overwhelmed me.  a case of the laundry has beaten me down into a corner, the carpet is about to take life, the bathrooms are a no man's land and so know the kind of nights where you wish to god a maid would come miraculously to your house and help you or you wake up the next morning a la martha stewart and have the newfound talent to just do it all.  ha.  didn't happen.  the maid didn't come and i'm not martha

so instead of the crafty post i had planned today i cheered myself up by plugging in the camera and taking a look at what the hubs got up to with the kidlets on sunday while i was at sewing group.  it was hilarious.  the pictures themselves aren't funny but i can read the back story and hear their narrative.  they had a good time and i just love idea of the shots mixing my little girls bright pink ensemble with flowered boots against a grey, snowy day (yes it snowed later) and a national historic site called fort rodd hill.  i mean bombs, cannons, weapons, lighthouses, military stuff all juxtapositioned against my glowing little kiddos.  only my hubby would think of that :)

needless to say it cheered me up and the house doesn't seem so bad this morning....maybe i will kick it's butt after all or at least make it till bedtime without crying about  any of you sometimes just feel plain overwhelmed by it all?  i know, i know, i should just do one chore at a time, or do something nice to cheer myself up, and i will, but sometimes a girls just gotta whine a tad and see if she's the only one going to bed at night cowering under the blanket so she doesn't have to fall asleep staring at 4 loads of laundry waiting....just waiting.....whispering.."you should fold should fold me..." and then the bathroom chimes in..."you should clean should clean me...".  lmao.  ok, i haven't had coffee yet.  don't judge me :)

what do you do to stay on top of things? do you have the feeling that sometimes you just can't do it all & something's gotta give?  is it your home that sometimes falls to the bottom of the list?  let's cheer each other up ladies.  i'm off to get starbucks...want one?