noodlehead pattern review - the envelope clutch

i got to sew a little something for myself on the weekend and boy did it feel really good.  i haven't sewn something just for me in a long time.  it always seems to be for the kids or a gift for someone, so when my pal anna of the awesome blog noodlehead asked me to pattern test her newest pattern i said heck ya!  her newest pattern is coming out very, very soon and it's called the "envelope clutch pattern".  i <3 it!

it's a stylish envelope style clutch with lots of different options:  two sizes, two flap styles, two strap styles - you name it, anna shows you how to do it.  don't you just love when someone focuses on the tiny details that make something as important as a bag look so professional?  i love me some topstitching and swear it makes any sewn item look very professionally finished.  doesn't my wrist strap look purdy?  i was super happy when i showed the clutch to my sister and she asked right away "how did you make the strap?", she thought it was leather and from far away it does look like that so score for momma. 

see the topstitching along the back of the clutch?  fave part of the whole bag.  two rows...all nice.  just adds that special touch to the clutch.

i also loved the way anna constructed the clutch and because i don't make bags very often i learned a lot.  i found her instructions and pictures super easy to follow and her steps were very organic.  it just flowed and i naturally knew where she was headed next but was also excited to see how the whole thing came together.  it was fun.  i especially was pleased with how the envelope flap is joined to the clutch leaving you with a full bag edge that is finished (see where i'm lifting) and the flap comes out from the back area.  i got a kick out of this and really enjoyed it.  i know, again, i'm a dork ;P

i got to do some firsts with this clutch too.  first time using magnetic snaps. i always seem to use regular snaps but these puppies have fast become my new friends :)  i also got to sew my second zipper in and it was also my first zippered pocket evah!  wanna see?

woweee!! i love the love, love, love it.  so proud of myself. i know i sound like a geek but seriously those zippers are like being in the olympics for me.  my old fear was so bad, and i'm getting over it, but every time i do one i feel like i need a medal and a celebration. i had no errors this time round and am super excited about! i keep opening and closing, and showing just about anyone who asks me "where did you get your bag?". anna's zipper installation was the easiest i have ever seen and i mean easy. i wish it had been my first zipper it was sooooo easy.  loved it.  the inside of my pocket is also that yummy deep mustard color as well for a hidden zip of va voom!

there's lots of room for credit cards, cell phones and other goodies in this clutch too.  don't be fooled, this bad boy has got some room to it.  i made the larger version and i think it's the perfect size for me to chuck a few odds and ends in when taking the kidlets out on a quick outing.  two thumbs up in my book.  the other size called for a fat quarter but i have a lot of stuff so i figured it was safer for me to go with the large one.  i also went with the wrist strap over the shoulder strap but i think both are equally as stylish.

all in all i loved this pattern, but then i always love anna's patterns - she rocks people!  go show her some love k?  my only critique was that i thought it was going to take me 2 hours to make and it took me all day.  but like i said, i don't make bags very often and it took me quite a bit of time to get everything cut out, assembled and lined.  also, the pattern called for canvas and interfacing and in some spots i used a stiff (heavy) interfacing instead of canvas and light weight interfacing together.  i like the way it turned out and it's got a good structure without being too stiff or too soft.

uh oh...i think someone else likes it too!  hahaha, hands off my bag lady!  i'm sure this is one that's going to get a lot of usage in our house.  one tip i do have to share is don't be silly and make a dumb oopsie like i did.  i had this lovely print that i wanted to use but only a tiny amount and was desperate to fit the bag pieces on it.  when i was cutting the bag out i got so excited i could just fit it on that i didn't even think to look if my tree lines were lined up when i cut out the bag.  silly mistake.  darn prints.  so don't rush folks, take your time and line it all up.  i got to the end and went to put the whole bag together and there are parts that i thought were crooked but really it's the tree print that is crooked - not my sewing :(  darn me and my cutting skills...lmao. i wish i wasn't such a perfectionist and i could just let it, but i just can't. 

so admire my new bag...but just don't look too closely :) want to make an envelope clutch of your own?  anna's "envelope clutch pattern" will be out in the next few days so pop on over and get sewing one of your own :) thanks anna...xoxoxoxoxo  luv ya and congrats on another awesome pattern!

you can find anna's sneak peek at her clutch here and all other things noodlehead here:

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what kind of purse do you like to sew?  are you a topstitch addict too?  what fabric would you use for your clutch?  let's chat purses know we all love a good bag :)