oh martha...i heart you!

holy bananas folks! check out the loot in the pic above! i am one lucky lady!  i couldn't resist showing you all a shot i took of all the oh so lovely goodies that plaid crafts sent to me for the martha stewart mother's day campaign that i am part of with blueprint social when this box showed up at my door i think i might have screamed loud enough to scare my neighbours....seriously...it was nutso in our house.  like 10 christmases put together in one..lol.  the kidlets fed off my energy and we all just stood around the box pulling items out and squealing more and more. thankfully the hubby was not home to see such fanatics going on...he would have razzed me for years to come and i never would have lived it down :P

stay tuned this month as crafty bloggers all over the blogosphere (myself included) whip up some fun tutorials for mother's day using the goodies you see above.  to say i am excited is an understatement.  i get to paint on fabric....yep, i'm a happy girl folks.  oh martha.....i heart you!

just in case you don't want to wait for my upcoming tute to find out more about plaid crafts (thank you plaid crafts!!) and the fabulous martha stewart crafts paint line you find more about them below:

i'm taking it easy today and weekend wishes will be back next week.  the kiddos are still under the weather, i'm fighting off a bad cold  and so is the hubs so oj and knitting it is on the menu for me.  what are you up to this weekend?  are you a fan of  the martha stewarts crafts line as well?  have you tried painting on fabric before?  have a wonderful, martha stewart kinda weekend filled with sunshine, good health, laughs, family and lots of coffee! see you on monday!

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