Rerversible Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial with Martha Stewart Crafts!

Oh my gosh you guys, I have been so excited to share this project with all of you!  I cannot believe how lucky I am to have gotten a chance to be a part of the Martha Stewart Mother's Day campaign sponsored by Plaid Crafts!!! I mean wowsa!  This was a dream come true!  It was like Christmas when the super generous box of goodies from Martha Stewart and Plaid Crafts showed up on my doorstop. I'm not kidding around when I tell you I almost fainted right over.  Still makes me giddy to just look at it all and it most certainly gets my creative wheels spinning.  So. Much. Good. Stuff.

I decided after regaining my composure a few weeks...ahem...I mean days later to make for my mother's day tutorial a Reversible Sewing Machine Cover.  My mom recently renovated her basement and finally has her very own craft room.  I figured a little love and color would be the perfect thing to spring up that lovely little space of hers. What crafty momma wouldn't want to prettify their sewing machine with some Martha love right?  My very own Poppy the Pfaff is loving this one :)

I've been wanting to whip up a sewing machine cover since I got my new machine last year and I knew I wanted something a tad different.  I wanted some vintage and some modern and I wanted a bit of patchwork goodness.  When I found out the Martha Stewart Crafts Paints could be used on fabric I pretty much did cartwheels across my living room. Sold. Right there. The colors are gorgeous and the stencils are super stylish.  I knew they would look fabulous on fabric and would be the perfect fit for a sewing machine cover. It's like a rockin' dress for my sewing machine...and it's even reversible! So if I get sick of one side I can just flip that bad boy over and voila - a brand new look!

But let's not forget about those cute tabs! I also wanted to test out my newly found buttonhole making skills.  Practice, practice, practice right?  I think the button tab details on the front and the back of this fun sewing machine cover add a little detail and pizazz to the normal ribbon tie variety you usually see.  Plus I just love me a button.  Always adds a little pop of happiness to a project.

Do you want to learn how to paint your own fabric and make one with me? YAY! CLICK HERE to read more about how I painted my fabrics with the Martha Stewart Crafts Paints and also for the TUTORIAL to make your very own Reversible Sewing Machine Cover!