moments in the mommyhood - ice cream soothes the soul

i thought i would share with you all a few more shots from our weekend.  the friends we stayed with in campbell river have an adorable dog named bailey.  the kiddos love him.  i think harper has a brand new friend now that she's old enough to play with him.  she looooves animals so it was a treat to see her play with a doggie.  the shot above was just way too cute not to post.  i might have to frame that one.

while there we got to indulge in backyard fire s'mores, yummy cocktails, bbq, and best of all.....delicious ice cream on a very hot day.  that day also included golf for the hubby and a nap for momma.  yep, you heard me....a nap!!!!!! it was a miracle! lol!  but the ice cream......delish!  we all walked down to the ocean to indulge in a delicious cone and some sights like the view you see below.

i don't think i have ever seen my kiddos eat ice cream so fast! it was so hot out the ice cream was melting like crazy!!!  even though we were all sticky and covered with it i swear it was my fave part of the whole weekend.  the looks on their faces while they were eating it was priceless.  we had to rinse them off in the shower when we got back they were that dirty.  poor little harper's curls were blowing every which way due to the wind down by the water and the ice cream was just everywhere....but really.....even covered in ice cream how cute is she???

....we couldn't resist getting this shot on the walk back to the house.  what a little sweetheart.  i def think eating that cone was her fave thing the whole weekend.  mack's was getting to run through a friends sprinkler and of course running her beans out in the backyard. there was a lot of soccer playing.  she just couldn't get enough.  i couldn't get enough of watching the smiles and yes, i could go for another cone.  that ice cream was delish - it definitely soothed the soul. 

i feel like i am still in weekend vacay mode.  i can't seem to quite get my groove back for work and sewing.  i feel sort of lazy still and the weather has been soooo gorgeous out it sure makes it hard to sit inside and work.  we are also still adjusting to the hubbies new study schedule and with him home a bit more in the evening i haven't even touched my poor sewing machine.  i did get a tiny bit done the other day but it was def short lived.  i'm hoping to change that this weekend :)  any of you suffering from the same thing?  it's hard when you work for yourself some days to get motivated ya know?

SewSet. See.Save.Sew.

in other news make sure you pop over to brand new site created by my pal jessica from the blog "me sew crazy" called "sewset"!!! it's awesome!  it's your online sewing source!  a directory of all of your favorite sewing tutorials and patterns that is user based.  the more content we upload of our own the better the site is!  it's clean and modern layout is easy to navigate and it's already filled with some awesome content!  so upload your own tutorials and patterns!  it's free for you to do so and all of your content links directly back to you the user.  you can upload patterns/tutorials that are free and for sale. you can also favorite patterns you love on there as well.  i think jessica & her hubby did a fabulous job!  come check it out!  you can find me on there under "luvinthemommyhood".  have fun!!!

what's your fave flavor of ice cream? have you ever made your own?  i rotate between chocolate chip mint and anything else that's loaded with caramel/chocolate kind of mixes. yum! hmmmm...all this ice cream talk has made me hungry on this hot  i'll have to whip up an iced coffee instead.  wanna join me? come chat!