weekend wishes

that my blog doesn't crash this weekend while i do some online housekeeping...

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to have a wonderful & romantic evening with my hubby...

that i can figure out why i all of a sudden enjoy watching golf on tv???

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that the housekeeping fairy cleans up and unpacks our laundry...

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that i get to do some more sippin' and knittin'...

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it's friday! yeehaw! this week felt sooooo long to me.  it just dragged and dragged.  i've got post mini vacay hangover fo'sure.  i did manage to find a new bathing suit at superstore (joefresh) of all places on the weekend so i conned my sister into coming swimming with me so i could soak in the pool and let the kidlets have a splash.  my boobies didn't fall out so all is good on the suit...lol.  i've also been busy making some plans for this weekend that involve the blog.  i'm going to be doing some housekeeping and some revamping around here so cross your fingers that the html gods are shining down on me and the blog doesn't crash.  if you pop by excuse the mess k?

we have a pga tour golf game for our ps3 system and the hubs and i like to play it together when the kids are asleep and for some reason now i adore watching golf on tv.  it scares me...lol.  usually i'll only watch tennis and some hockey but i keep getting really into the golf...i mean full on yelling at the tv and everything.  i'm like a drunk fan but minus the drunk...lol.  not sure why because i've never even played golf just mini-golf and i suck. so who knows.....it will remain an unsolved mystery.

i'm also super excited to watch project runway today.  it killed me last night to see all the chat going on about it and having to avoid social media.  i still haven't had a chance to watch yet so i'm avoiding FB & twitter right now so I don't find out what happens.  i hope it was good cause i've been missing pr.  i heart that show.

one of my fave pics of our wedding - we call it our harlequin cover

it's also my wedding anniversary today.  yeppers. (love you honey!!!) we got married 4 years ago on mackenzie beach in tofino, bc.  it was gorgeous and very romantic and a such a special day for us (more pics here on this post). the hubs and i are going out on a date tonight to celebrate!!!!!  first one on our anniversary in years.  it's going to be awesome.  we're planning on going out for a nice dinner.  i owe my pal baljinder for hooking me up with an awesome babysitter - thanks bal!!  we've been searching for one that our wee family could afford since we moved here 4 years ago and we finally found one.  she helped me out when my back was bad the other week and the girls loved her.

the hubs also has a baseball tournament this weekend so rebecca (nook) and i will be on the sidelines with our kiddos and knitting cheering our men on.  i'm hoping for sun :)  we also get to have a yummy team bbq on sunday as well and somewhere in there i need to get some sewing done so it should be a busy one this weekend.  at least it's busy with fun stuff and not chores....but wait...i need to do those too..bah - life's too short for chores :)

what are your weekend plans?  what are you up to?  anyone else hoping the cleaning fairy visits their house? do you choose fun over chores too?  i hope i'm not alone...lol...wishing you all a yummy, sunny, cuddly, cozy, crafty, lovey, happy, kinda weekend! now let's have coffee & chat! come say hi!