crafts are for sharing!

i couldn't resist sharing a wee bit of exciting news with you all!  i've been eagerly anticipating the september issue of the fab mag "canadian living".  the lovely austen (senior editor, crafts & food) wrote to me and a few crafty pals a few months ago and asked us what our fave journals are to use.  i was thrilled to be asked and let me tell you it sure was exciting to see my name in print in this iconic canadian magazine.  i grew up reading this canadian staple - crafts, cooking,'s got it all. 

i'm going to frame it!  yes...i am that kind of!  the article included the awesome jane richmond (knitting designer), holly broadland (president, vancouver modern quilt guild), tanis lavallee (yarn dyer, tanis fiber arts), amy singer (of knitty), tina anson mine (executive editor, food & books) & austen gilliland too!  it was so fun to see what journals everyone chose and i thought it was pretty cool that tanis and i both have a soft spot for eco-jot journalsyou can read more about my affection for eco-jot in this post here.

i find it so interesting to find out how other creatives work, their processes and what accessories/tools they use to aid the process.  i have an addiction to journals and have way too many. in fact i have so many that i write in that i lose drawings/notes because i can't remember which journal i wrote/sketched them in! oops! i never leave the house without one. they are in my purse, knitting bags, kids bags, the car, beside the  but you know what's funny?  sometimes i still don't have one when i need it.  do you guys know what i mean?  you carry them around all the time and then the one time i'm without my supply - bam! - i need one and it's not there.  maybe that's why i keep buying them????  sounds like a good excuse to buy some more right...wink wink!

so....spill the beans....what's your favorite journal to use? do you have a fave brand of notebook/journal that you love?  share! i'd love to see/hear what you are all using <3

thank you so much austen & canadian living for making one of this canadian gal's dreams come true! you can find more canadian living here: