laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
pattern: the laurel dress by colette patterns
after posting last week about my love for the new colette pattern - laurel, i set aside as much time as possible on saturday to make one. i sewed like a madwoman and wore that dress out that night to knit with my girls.  now i know i could write a few paragraphs gushing but my love for this dress but i'll keep things easy - I. LOVE. THIS. DRESS.  plain and simple.

laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns

i ended up having a chat with one of my fave bloggy pals anna from noodlehead last week after i initially posted about the laurel dress (read it here) and we decided it would be super fun to post our finished laurel dresses on the same day!  i ADORE how hers turned out - i mean really, anna oozes awesomeness out of her  she looks gorgeous!  so when you are done here go pop by noodlehead and show her some luv too :)

laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns

now back to laurel....

the pattern is true to colette style with lovely finishes, fabulous fit and hand stitched details that make a big difference in the finishing of your garment.  going from what i like to call "holly hobby" to "where did you buy that fabulous dress"?  i purchased the pdf version of laurel and even the cutting/piecing didn't seem to take too long. it was pretty easy to find the pieces and not too many to cut out.  with a pattern complete with 4 options (and more in the e-book variation) i was happy to see it not going to take me a few hours.

i went ahead and went a bit nuts and didn't make a muslin - i know....dumb and daring at the same time!  i feel like i'm starting to get a good idea of my bust sizing for a fitted shape and felt comfortable going ahead with this one without worries of a full bust adjustment or making changes to the pattern piece.  thankfully luck was on my side.  i made the size 14 for the 42" bust (i'm about a 41"-42" depending on my and it fits fabulous.  what worries me more lately is not my bust but my shoulders and smaller back compared to my bust size. i either get neck drape or armpit gaping so have had to make changes to previous patterns for these size adjustments.  for laurel i was a-ok.  i'm really happy with the fit on my back, arms, and bust.

laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns

what i am most in love with for this dress is my tummy.  i love that laurel skims and hides lumps and ahem...bulges (two kids sure did me in for life) but still shows off the assets i do like - my legs and bust without being too revealing or clingy.  i feel really comfy in it and can see myself wearing it often. in fact i've already worn it 3 times!!!! that's a success in my book!  i've got fabric to cut out another and the blouse version is in the queue as well.

all in all, the dress does take some time to make but it is worth every minute!  you hand sew your sleeve bias and neckline and hem.  i chose to finish my hem on the machine for time purposes because i refused to go out to my knit night without it if i hadn't i would have hand stitched it.  it was fun!  and honestly - the finished product looks gorgeous! only thing i haven't done yet is sew on my hook and eye. still  have to do that :)  i made version 2 with pockets and no sleeve cuff.  next one i hope to do the sleeve cuff - so adorbs! i also want to make the blouse which still features the laurel dresses bust and back darts ( awesome are back darts!!! let's hear it for the back darts ladies! i mean c'mon...these things make me look just a wee bit fabulous!) but no zipper! sold! right there. done.  can't wait to whip that one up too!

and yes, i said zipper. don't be scared. trust me. laurel has an invisible zipper and it was my first time putting one in and honestly it was so easy. such an easy zipper to sew in.  colette patterns has a wonderful tutorial for you to follow as well if you need help as well as many other tutorials and tips throughout the pattern.  only thing i did change (and this was the daredevil in me coming out again) was sew in my invisible zipper with my regular foot. i know, i know...bad girl, but i don't have an invisible zipper foot and didn't want to leave my house to go get one.  i read how to sew the zipper in and realized quite quickly that i could do it without the special foot. my passion for edge stitching came in handy here. i simply unrolled the curled part of the zipper near the teeth as i sewed slowly and stitched as close as possible to my zipper.  done like dinner. worked like a charm and i had a heckavu good time while i did  let's hear it for the selfish sewing!  i could get used to this!

laurel dress made by luvinthemommyhood pattern by colette patterns
||  PATTERN  ||
- laurel by colette patterns

||  FABRIC  ||
- some sort of brushed cotton from fabricland (wish i had more details but i don't :(  it's very soft though and i like it.

||  NOTES  ||
- sewed size 14 and made no full bust adjustment or alterations to the sizing of the pattern.
- hand stitched sleeve hem, neckline but machine stitched the hem.
- sewed my invisible zipper in with a regular zipper foot
- i made option 2 with pockets and no sleeve cuffs
- bias trim was store bought - not handmade
- hemmed my dress as per pattern.  did not find dress too short at all and i'm 5'4". so those of you wondering about the dress length it's great!
- overall i give this pattern two thumbs up! will be making many more!

what do you think?  are you planning on making laurel? what fabric and version will you be sewing? what's your favorite colette pattern? i'm thinking of trying the pants next! fill me in!  i've got coffee for all of you & i'd love a visit!

p.s. wishing you all a wonderful long weekend with your loved ones!  here's some lovely tulips that sit beside me as i type to all you lovelies! see you next week! xoxox