this weekend i'm hitting the road. heading on a road trip (and ferry trip) with some awesome pals to hit up vogue knitting live in seattle! i cannot wait! i'm sooooo excited! needless to say since i'm going away i needed some handmade lovelies to accompany me.  i have my laurel dress from last week and next up to show you is my new box bag.  box bags rock.  i heart them...but remember what happened last time i made one (read about it here)? yep. not so good. silly me.  oh well. lesson learned. i knew i would try again and if i did i wanted it fully lined with no exposed seams.

my fave parts of this bag are the fabrics.  aren't they awesome? they are from katherine codega.  her illustrations and prints are some of my faves!  i splurged on 3 prints a while back and just adore them.  it's taken me eons to get the guts to even cut into them i love them so much.  i'm happy i did now though. i absolutely adore my new bag :)  you can find katherine codega's shop here.  if you pop over tell her i sent you :)  she does custom listings as well so if you see something you want and it's sold out odds are she can print it for you.  that's how i got one of my prints.

i used the tutorial from my friend libby of the blog truly myrtle to make the box bag. i knew what i wanted and still remembered what i had done the first time so it was a piece of cake this time round.  box bags can be a bit tricky to wrap your head around at first if you're a new sewer so take your time and i strongly recommend really visualizing what you are doing.  hold the pieces up in front of you as you read the instructions and envision the end result.  there are a tons of tutorials online showing  how to make these but i really liked how libby's is fully lined with absolutely no exposed seams. i hand stitched my small opening closed and i'm super happy with my results.  looks fabulous! these bags are also a really good way to practice your zippers too!

all in all they are fun little bags to use for just about anything small you want to tote around.  mine is for my sock knitting at the moment.  i'm super hooked and wanted a small bag to fit 2 small projects in for my trip.  you can make them bigger though.  the box bags are really easy to customize to whatever dimensions you would like yours to have.  you can even make them quite large to fit sweater knitting in - just be sure to use a strong interfacing :)

||  NOTES  ||

>> pastel triangles and  bows & arrows pastel by katherine codega

>> fully lined, hand stitched opening, pellon medium weight interfacing, zipper pull on one end, followed same sizing as truly myrtle tutorial.

such a fun and quick sew!  i think i need a few more :) i've got another lovely to show you this week for my upcoming trip & an announcement as well so stay tuned!

are you going to vogue knitting live? if so let me know so i can look for ya!  do you use box bags for your knitting?  how do you make yours? share pics! i'd love to see them!  happy sewing!